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Vasilia Vasiliou
Vasilia Vasiliou
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Jordan Worsley

An actress and artistic model, as well as the inspired events organiser of the creative troupe “Pagliaccio”.
As well as being an artist of multiple disciplines, a specialist in alternative teaching methods and psychology, she is also a former model and musician. Today we have with us, Vasilia Vasiliou.
Country: Cyprus

Ever since my childhood, I have lived and breathed music: I played it from an early age, and before taking on all my further “incarnations”, I performed, sang and played in a group of saxophonists… Several years later, for many reasons, I stopped performing in public and decided not to teach music anymore. To be honest, I felt there were other, great musicians, who would do this better than I could. And so, the idea to become a model came to me literally as I was walking along the street: it wasn’t a bad way to earn while studying. That being said, I knew that advertising clothes, or myself, for that matter, definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.

A little later I received an offer to be a “cover girl” for a well-known men’s magazine. Their management team had probably learnt about me through the agency I’d been working with… I turned it down, however, because this wasn’t what I wanted at all. You see, I prefer that people know me for my creative works and the effort I put into helping those in need — not for being the next in a line of “sexy bunnies”. Everyone makes a choice for themselves, and I had already made mine!

Today, I collaborate with photographers and creative teams in art projects, mainly as a photographer or model.

Nowadays, I work on a partnership basis, together with my team of like-minded individuals, at the first therapist centre in Limassol, in the private sector. I offer educational and healing sessions, using alternative methods, when necessary. For instance: music, movement, theatre, fine arts, training, craftwork, or conducting specialised scientific programmes for supporting children and adults. By the way, I have my own theatre troupe “Pagliaccio” (meaning “Clown”), which performs art-events both in Cyprus and abroad. I’m pleased to share that I now have my own brand, the products for which are now on sale at the Alternative Handcrafts Shop (Nicosia). You can also find them at various festivals, exhibitions, fairs and on my website:

My motto is everyone can do plenty of things! I never pin labels on people and don’t like it when they “brand” me. I engage in different things which are mutually connected: doing what you love is a blessing!

Opening my own therapy centre with other partners was more than just work — it was a realisation of my dream! By collaborating with many state and private doctors and hospitals, as well as schools and non-profit organisations, we’re trying to support the well-being of our clients on a physical, verbal, educational and emotional level.

I love working with children, for they’re the most honest and innocent little creatures. I have some funny stories about them in my “collection”. For example, I remember having an individual session with a little patient while some couple had a rather heated argument outside. The child said to me: “Now those are some real zombies! Don’t worry, they’ll devour each other soon, and it’ll all be over!”.

In my work, I especially like using creation as a therapeutic tool: for concentration or relaxation.

I like having the opportunity to put on a performance, — both a unique form of communication and a social message to the world. A sincere interaction with the audience gives you an amazing feeling, when you’re able to “read” them and feel how they react to the messages in your actions. This is a wordless form of dialogue, and here I can also remember a great number of amusing situations… One, for example, about a sweet little boy, who was so impressed with my performance that he decided to join in himself. His spontaneous actions amazed the viewers and me; they made us laugh so much that our performance immediately turned into a stand-up show!

Yes, this work occupies a lot of time, as well as emotional and physical effort: many types of activity, requiring particular conditions, are linked to different people. Nevertheless, I always find free time for myself. What does taking a break mean for me? Actually, a lot of things (I’ll try to list them): this can be a walk in the great outdoors, camping, driving or biking; water sports or something to get my adrenalin rushing, horse-riding. I also enjoy music and a good film, reading, meditating, applied arts, collecting vintage toys, stamps and many other things… But to relax, I need a couch, to listen to some music and meditate a little. Reiki, a swim or stroll along the beach, getting away somewhere with friends, watching a documentary, anime or TV programmes, — all this helps me to relieve that stress and fatigue which piles up.

I’m inspired by simple things: my surroundings, loved ones, children and the elderly, the sea, sky and moon, those emotions of happiness we sometimes experience, the human mind, even social taboos and instincts… at times something hidden and secret. I’m also inspired by birth and decay, how we are born and grow old.

I’m now going to tell you where I’d like to visit and why. Russia, Scandinavia, India, Japan, Turkey, South and Latin America, as well as the Caribbean, are all of interest to me. Why these places in particular? Because of their cuisine, arts and cinema, customs and traditions, history, religion, music, lifestyle and sport.

But let’s get back to Cyprus. I adore its beaches, the small distances on our island, our forests and mountains, their flora and fauna, and of course, the little villages and old districts: their architecture, vineyards and pubs. I love Cypriot food… and especially being able to see the open sky outside my window! Is it easier to “become a Cypriot”, you ask? It’s a piece of cake if you like to eat well and drink zivania! (Vasilia laughs)

Everywhere on the island, in whichever direction you set out, you’ll always find something special! This is an island, after all, so if you’re interested in amusements, the sea, sport, walks, or simply a glass of decent wine in a bar, — then head to any of the beaches! The best of them are in Protaras, Ayia Napa and Paphos. You can also go to Limassol Old town, to its beaches, fantastic restaurants or clubs, — there’s always something going on here… The centre of Nicosia, on the other hand, is suitable for unhurried strolls, sightseeing and various tasting sessions, shopping and different cultural events. And so, I wish you all a fantastic holiday and a fabulous time in Cyprus! Remember to clean up after yourself, don’t light any fires in the forests and stay safe on the roads!