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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • The weather in Cyprus — when is the best time to plan your trip

    If you want to spend time at the beach, the best time to come to Cyprus is from May to September. The highest temperatures (reaching 45°С) are from July to August, when water temperature reaches 28-30 °С.

    If you are interested in exploring the island on foot or by car, you are best coming to Cyprus in the spring or the fall, when the weather is warm, but not hot. The water takes a while to cool down, which means that in October and November its temperature still fluctuates around 22-24 °С. The fall spells the advent of the green season, when nature comes back to life after the summer heat and the island’s fields don a green coat until the summer.  

    Coming to Cyprus in the winter is perfect for those who want to take a break from the cold, by combining the pleasure of a walk on the beach with an opportunity to enjoy traditional winter sports. You can also spend Christmas and New Years in a mountain cabin. Winter temperature fluctuates between 10-20°С down on the coast and is lower up in the Troodos Mountains. Skiing resorts open up on the mountains with the advent of the snow season, while the coast tends to get more rainfall.

  • Obtaining a visa

    Russian nationals need to apply for an entry visa to Cyprus. A Schengen visa allows you to enter Cyprus by plane and only if you have earlier entered one of the Schengen countries with it.

    If you reside in St. Petersburg and its region, as well as Arkhangelsk (with the exception of the Nenetsk AO), Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod region and the Republic of Karelia, you can apply for an entry visa by visiting the General Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg. You can apply for a one-time entry visa (maximum 90 day stay within a six-month period), by filling out an online application on the Consulate’s website. You will receive a response to your request via email, which must be printed out and shown during an airport check-in.

    Residents of other regions can fill out a visa application on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow.

    To apply for a multi-entry visa you need to inquire with the General Consulate in St. Petersburg (for those who reside in St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk (with the exception of the Nenetsk AO), Murmansk, Pskov and Novgorod regions as well as the Republic of Karelia). For all others, please inquire with the Cyprus Embassy in Moscow. The Consulate issues the visa on the day of the request, while the Embassy takes one business day.

    There is no visa fee for Russian citizens.

    You can also apply for a Cyprus visa via Pony Express, by inquiring with your region’s branch. The company charges a fee for its service.

    The General Consulate website contains a list of countries, whose citizens are exempt from applying for a 90-day visa.

  • Public transportation

    Public transportation usually includes buses that follow a specific schedule and route. You can find out their schedule and route here.

    Intercity Buses and the Travel Express minivan company provide intercity service.

    • Intercity Buses has the following route service:
      • Limassol-Pafos
      • Larnaca-Nicosia
      • Larnaca-Ayia Napa
      • Pafos-Nicosia
      • Limassol-Nicosia
      • Nicosia-Ayia Napa

    You have a choice of buying one-time ticket or an unlimited ticket for a day/week/month for one of these routes or for all of them. You can find more information about the schedule, fees and bus stops on the company’s website.

    • Travel Express offers intercity service and travels to specific tourist locations. You ask the company for a more convenient pick-up or drop-off location. You can also book an individual tour around Cyprus. Find out more about the schedule and fees on the company’s website.
  • Renting a car in Cyprus

    If you want to rent a car in Cyprus, you’ll need an international driver’s license. You can rent a car when you arrive at the airport or at your final destination. You can also pre-book a car online. The price depends on the type of car you rent and starts at approximately 50 euros a day. Cars drive on the left side of the road in Cyprus.

  • Shopping hours and 24-hour pharmacies

    Most of the retails store open at 8 am and close between 5-6 pm. Sunday is a day off both for large supermarkets and small grocery stores. Wednesday is a «short day», when most of the stores close around 2 pm. An exception is larger shopping malls, such as MYMALL in Limassol, (whose hours are 10 am - 8 pm), Debenhams department stores, and the «Periptero» shops (small street shops and kiosks where you can buy ice cream, lemonade, alcohol, snacks, fruits and vegetables, beach accessories, souvenirs and cosmetics). Bakeries are open everyday.

    Pharmacies in Cyprus have the same hours, but each city has a 24-hour pharmacy. To find a 24-hour pharmacy near you, click here.

  • If you want to visit the Turkish part of Nicosia

    There are five checkpoints located along the border, which are controlled by the Republic of Cyprus and the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. These checkpoints are: Pyrgos, Astromeritis (on the way to Morfu), Ayios Dhometios (on the way to Kyrenia through Nicosia), a pedestrian checkpoint on Ledra Street in Nicosia and Strovilia (on the way to Famagusta). You’ll need your passport to cross the «green line». If you want to travel north by car, you’ll need to purchase car insurance. If you want to cross the border by foot, you can do so in the center of Nicosia on Ledra Street.