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Amusements on Offer at TwoWaves Club in Cyprus
Amusements on Offer at TwoWaves Club in Cyprus
For all those who Love Being Out in the Water
Translation: Jordan Worsley

It’s time for all fans of water-based entertainment to celebrate: a new club has opened in Limassol where you can try out a new board :)

The club is named TwoWaves, and your instrument of choice — a flow board. Anyone taller than 110 cm can give this activity a go, so it’s practically for any age: from four years and upwards :)

The club is situated near the K-Cineplex, next to the large carpark.

TwoWaves is open from 10am – 1am, so you can go for a surf at any time, regardless of whether you’re an “early bird” or a “night owl” :) The club opened recently, but the team have plans to stay open for the winter and operate all year round.

It costs 30 Euro per hour of surfing during weekdays and 35 Euro at the weekend. Naturally, if you get yourself a membership or come in a group, the price will be lower. I really enjoyed how the space was set out, beginning with the entrance into the complex: a unified range of colours (orange- light blue, very fresh), beautiful details… They’d evidently put heart into this, and that’s always appealing :)

I’m now gladly going to share my first experience of surfing on these artificial waves.

Before you enter the surfing area, you’ll be instructed on how to use the board and asked to sign a disclosure form. A large poster also hangs by the pool indicating the rules of conduct while on the water.

Rules poster

Once on the waves, you will feel how springy the surface is :) so falling won’t cause you any pain. True, you most likely won’t get by without falling, but that’s where the joy of it lies, as the current will throw you to the top of the slide. It’s fun :)

Let’s get back to the surfing part: two people can be on the waves at any one time. So the risk of colliding is minimal. A trainer is always on duty nearby who will monitor things, give tips if needed and generally help to make conquering the board as cool and comfortable a process as possible.

The feeling of being on the board resembles something of a cross between skateboarding and wakeboarding. When you stand on the board (which is quite a task), you’ll need some time to get to grips with how moving it affects any given part of your body. And this is where the falling starts :) But after around the 10th time of doing so, you’ll get why this is needed :)

I worked out how to stand on the board and what to do in order to move up and down. This took almost an hour, so please don’t go thinking that 60 minutes is a lot for your first time — the optimal time!

Amusements on Offer at TwoWaves Club in Cyprus

Once you’ve been for a surf, it’s great to chill in the small pool, to try a cocktail from the extensive bar menu, or to grab a bite to eat. TwoWaves has a large and varied menu, so it’s easy to find a meal to your fancy. We also tried the food there — the fish, meat and sandwiches — which were all deliciously prepared and, no less importantly, served.

You can certainly go to TwoWaves simply for lunch or dinner, to watch others having a surf and take some inspiration while eating :) The club conveniently has a whole four zones with tables: some directly by the wave pool, another by the second pool, and a closed restaurant with a veranda on the second floor.

You can easily find a spot suitable for everyone.

The club premises also features a corner where you can keep kids occupied with toys and drawing.

Several Tips for if you Decide to Try Flow Boarding:

  1. As this is a new, rather popular place, we recommend you book in advance on the club’s Facebook page.
  2. Pay close attention to the rules of conduct! I didn’t examine the poster all too closely: when I fell, I forgot to press my chin to my chest, so my surfing experience ended with a sprained neck, which wasn’t terrible, but still rather unpleasant. Don’t make the same mistake :)
  3. I’d recommend that girls wear a swimming costume, or, if it is in separate parts, then one which doesn’t need to be tied. Falling can happen out of the blue, and the current is very strong, so there’s the potential to end up topless. In general, it’d be better to wear some kind of shorts to ensure you avoid any discomfort.

It’s great that such a fantastic spot has appeared in the city — one where you can simultaneously get together with friends and try out this new activity :)