The Church of Archangelos Michail in Pedoulas village was built at the end of the 15th century.

It is a small, single-aisle basilica with one apsis and a roof. Its walls, however, are decorated with unique wall paintings by Minas – a famous fresco painter from that time. The paintings include scenes from the Old and the New Testament. The altar space depicts the story of the Sacrifice of Abraham, as well as other Divine stories. The upper tier of the aisle is decorated with scenes from the Christ cycle. An image of the Crucifixion takes up the entire western gable.

The scene of the Last Kiss is particularly noteworthy. In addition to  Jesus and Judas, the painting also depicts guards dressed in armor that is characteristic of medieval Cyprus. Images of Lamentation and Resurrection are located on the northern wall of the church. On that same wall there is an image of Archangel Michael, dressed in medieval armor characteristic of Byzantine warriors. This is one of the most famous and monumental frescoes created by a Cypriot artist.

Right next to the church there is building that used to house an elementary school. Today it is home to a small museum with a collection of icons and Byzantine religious art from the 13th to the 20th centuries.