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The Wardrobe: Mediterranean Winter

The Wardrobe: Mediterranean Winter

Mild Mediterranean winter is a stylist’s dream. Temperature varies between 10℃ and 22℃ which presents limitless options for mixing and matching simply anything: from a blazer over a dress to coats and boots. Cooler months are the best time for experimenting with a silhouette and layering, for creating outfits to reflect current mood and for taking those favourite garments for a stroll. Go through the trends with us, refresh familiar winter looks and get inspired to create new ones.

The Cardigans

Cardigan may be the most easy and universal piece of garment when it comes to fighting fresh temperatures, but it doesn’t make it less trendy this season.

Loose and soft, of deep natural hues, like the one your grandfather would wear; an elegant feminine one of glossy finest knitting; or a playful and soft one of light mohair… turn your imagination on and feel free to make the choice of your own.

An oversized cardigan could be perfectly matched with a pencil skirt, denim and even with a suit. To create a day or smart outfit tie it with a thin belt or tuck it into a skirt or high-waisted jeans. You can wear it on a Mao collar shirt, a polo neck or even a blazer.

Partner it with a tiny bra top or a bright slip dress for an evening look. Your long cardigan would look great on a shirt dress. Aiming for a preppy style? Just add riding boots and a big leather shopper.

The Cardigans


Check this out!

Checked pattern is another classic choice for an autumn-winter styling.

A lot of us may still find checks off-putting, as traditionally checked skirts used to look a lot like a plaid or a tartan kilt at best. So, one had to think well how to quieten the ambiguous pattern still keeping the integrity of the outfit. Luckily today’s designers play around with the hues and patterns so skilfully, that all paths of self-expression are open to us. The bigger and more diverse a pattern, the better. Imagine entering a contest where the winner is the one who can wear more checkered garments at the same time. And this is not as difficult as it may seem. The trick is to pick no more than three close shades and you can have as much fun as you wish with the rest.

Oh, and speaking of plaids! If you can’t fight the temptation to leave home wrapped up warm in your favourite comforting tartan plaid, give yourself up to it shamelessly and you’ll be topping the rends. Gigantic scarfs, capes and quilted ponchos with dramatic buckles and chain clasps are decisively squeezing light down jackets and short fur coats out from the catwalks. In the end, being fashionable and staying in your comfort zone is a purely zeitgeist phenomenon.

Check on check


Volume up!

Don’t feel like dressing up or combining prints with patterns? Perhaps, you’d rather enveloped in a cocoon and hung a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. When the length of day is changing, cold winds are blowing such inclinations are merely natural even in the parts of the world where icy rains and blizzards do not reach.

Furthermore, a cocoon can be a strong style statement. Volume in the right places and correct proportions can turn a plump and cosy silhouette into a dramatic, intriguing and even a princely image.

Blouses, dresses and coats with gigots sleeves (wide and pleated at the top and narrow on the wrists) are this season’s must haves. They bring to memory flamboyant 80s as well as luxurious attire of the English queens of the past. Gatherings under the bust and at the waste of dresses, balloon skirts, especially of medium length — all support the enveloping trend.

A perfect outfit for a fashion radical survived the 2020 is a dress which transitions into a hooded cape and covers almost every part of the body and skin. Add long gloves you would wear to the opera, a silk mask, a few drops of a nice perfume, and no virus or evil forces can scare you.



Marching on

And now let’s hear it for those boots. Though, whoever needs them when it is +10℃ outside, it would seem. The point is that contemporary spring-autumn footwear not only looks desirable, but is completely stand-alone, so the whole outfit can be created around those shoes. Besides, when due to the hot temperatures flip-flops are on your feet for no less than six months a year, you definitely yearn for changes, and boots — inaccessible for so long — seem the chic itself.

What to look out for when choosing your footwear now. The hottest trend of the season is functional knee-long boots with massive low heels, somewhat a mixture of riding boots, army boots and chelsea shoes. Minimalists and walkers would find those ideal. They would look great with miniskirts, shorts, skinny cigarette trousers and leggings.

The second most popular choice is short rubber boots. This truly laid-back accessory is sure to add a bit of irony and eccentricity to any look be it a tea dress or an oversized jacket.

The colour palette is boundless, the prices are reasonable and what is more these boots will definitely come in handy on a rainy day.

Hiking boots, we all were queuing for last winter, are not overshadowed by the newly fashionable alternatives either. Durability, design that stands the decades of test and comfort are convincing enough arguments. This season saw the heels getting higher as well as addition of feminine details, however, the general idea and aesthetics did not considerably change.

Asking for something particularly fashionable? Take a look at square toe ankle boots, platform shoes adorned with massive heels and of course over the knee boots.

Fall Boots


Get Chained

Chains have become an absolute symbol of 2020.

Metaphorically speaking, confronted by the unpreceded global healthcare emergency, people all over the world became the links of one chain indeed. All in a single atmosphere of restriction and uncertainty, all supporting each and everyone, all responsible for the success of the introduced measures, isolated, yet united by the shared goal.

Literally speaking, massive chains became this year’s number one piece of jewellery. Started as chokers made of chains from a DIY store, carabiners and safety pins and worn by punks, decades of dramatical changes later they turned into a must have of the glamorous youth.

Hollow golden links are weightless on the neck, shackles are strewn with diamonds. Such a necklace matches any outfit, even a sporty one, and goes unnoticed during a video call.

Big shiny chains decorate bags and shoes and are used to do up coats and capes. Generally speaking, the main current trend in jewellery in these circumstances is to rescue your bling and memorable pieces from the confinement of the jewellery box and wear it every day, even with pyjamas. For jewellery has the power to bring joy and remind of happy emotions and important events of the past. And this is the rejuvenating boost we need now more than ever.

In chains


In the ever changing world even the volatile fashion trends become more down to earth, as if thinking “do I really need anything else?”

We do not urge you to deny yourself the pleasure of therapeutic shopping, however, perhaps now you would consider your buys more thoroughly, as the best collection — the one you have already put together for yourself — is available right now in your closet.

Author: Natasha Kalinina