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TV Series Premieres April 2021

TV Series Premieres April 2021

April 2021 is generous and brings a large number of TV series with it — both new and sequels. Among them: sci-fis, sitcoms, biographies, horrors and a bunch of different anime — read about all the details in our article!


New TV Series

April 1

The United States Of Al

Genres: comedy

TV show tells a story of a friendship between Riley, a veteran of marine corps, who struggles to adapt to an ordinary life in Ohio and Awalmir, a translator served in Afghanistan who is now fresh off the boat for starting a new life in America.


Law And Order: Organized Crime

Genres: drama, crime, mystery

After a difficult personal tragedy Elliot Stabler is back for his duties in NYPD to battle organized crime in the city. But police officers and the city itself have changed drastically in ten years.

It’s a spin-off to the TV series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.


Made for Love

Genres: comedy, drama

Hazel spent a decade in an unhappy marriage with a tech billionaire. Only when she escaped from him she finds out that he implanted a device in her brain that allows him to track her and see everything she is doing.


Shaman King (2021)

Genres: action, adventure, fantasy

Shamans are living among ordinary people. They are able to see the world of spirits and talk to ghosts and gods. Once in five hundred years there is a Shaman Championship and the winner becomes a Shaman King — the one, who can summon a Great Spirit and shape the world in a way they want.

A high school student Manta Oyamada rushes to his study in the evening and takes a shortcut through a local graveyard. There he meets a strange boy YohAsakura and his extraordinary friends — spirits. Yoh protects Manta from bullies and they become friends.


April 2

The Barbarian and the Troll

Genres: adventure, family, animation

TV series about Evan, an under-the-bridge troll in search for adventures and Brendara, a furious warrior, who wants to defeat an evil demon, imprisoned her brother.


April 3

Those Snow White Notes / Mashiro no Oto

Genres: drama, musical

Samisen is a traditional Japanese musical instrument that looks a little bit like a guitar. Sawamura Setsu and his elder brother were raised by their grandfather — one of the greatest samisen players. Brothers grew up listening to his play and learning how to play themselves. After their grandfather passed away, Setsu left the school and moved to Tokyo where he was busy with nothing in particular. His mother suddenly comes into his life and tries to get him out of his depression.


Let’s Make a Mug too / Yakunara Mug Cup mo

Genres: slice of life

The city of Tajimi is located in the south part of Gifu prefecture in Japan and is famous for its clay Minoware dishes. It has plenty of small old family businesses making clay pottery and museums of ceramics. New friends and discoveries about old ceramic handicraft are waiting for a high school student Touko Aoki after her move to Tajimi’s shopping street.


April 4

Dragon Goes House-Hunting / Dragon, Ie wo Kau

Genres: comedy, fantasy

Letty is just a normal dragon. He fell short of the high dragon standards of his family and was disowned. Letty goes to find a new home but it turns out not as simple as it seemed to be — especially since you are a bit cowardly dragon in a magical world where everyone wants to defeat you.


April 6


Genres: comedy

It’s a comedy TV show about a difficult life of a fourteen years old Persian boy who is desperately trying to fit in the new environment.


The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent / Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu

Genres: melodrama, fantasy

Sei is 20 yo and has a boring office job. Suddenly she and one more girl are taken to another world because of the ritual, which purpose is to create a Saint, who will exorcise the dark magic in it. However it’s not Sei, who was chosen to be the Saint and despite she is unhappy with it first, she gets used to her peaceful life in the palace. But everything is not that simple.


April 7

Kung Fu

Genres: action, adventure, drama

Nicky Chen decides to drop out of a college because of an emotional crisis and set on a journey to a remote monastery in China. When Nicky returns back, she finds out that her hometown is flooded with crime and corruption. Nicky will use her skills in martial art to bring the criminals to justice and find the murderer of her master.


Snabba Cash

Genres: action, drama, crime

It’s a sequel TV series to “Snabba Cash” from 2010-2013. Ten years passed after the events shown in movies. Criminal world as well as a business one became more cruel and ruthless. And now these two worlds face each other.


Home Economics

Genres: comedy

Three grown up relatives have completely different financial statuses that cause various hilarious and awkward situations they get in.


Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

Genres: action, history, fantasy

The year 1931, alternative Japan. Tokugawa Shogunate wasn’t abolished what means there was no Meiji Restoration. Nue is an executor organization working for the government. Japan invented its own energy source — “Dragon Vein” and reached a high level of development. But everything is not that perfect — there is a Kuchinawa organization that tries to bring down the government. Nue gets an order to destroy it.


April 8

The Way of the Househusband / Gokushufudo

Genres: comedy, anime

Tatsu is a living criminal legend whose name struck fear into the hearts of both cops and gangsters. However, for some reason he leaves his past behind and becomes an ordinary househusband with a bunch of daily chores. Will he managed to live his new peaceful life without being dragged into troubles?



Genres: drama, crime

Annie Bello is a lawyer without a legal education. She is brilliant and fearless woman, who is very scrupulously in her work and careful when it comes to people she loves.


April 9


Genres: drama, thriller, horror

Black family moves to the part of LA only white people live in. Right after the move someone starts to threaten them and cause troubles. What is that… some neighbour’s tricks or something else?



Genres: slice of life, sport

Shutaru Futaba is interested in male rhythmic gymnastics. He enters Ao Middle School to join the school team. There he meets new friends and together they will go for the victory of the championship.


April 11

The Nevers

Genres: drama, sci-fi

It’s a story about a group of women in Victorian times, who suddenly discovered they have super powers, gained enemies and set on a mission that can change the world.


Tokyo Revengers

Genres: action, drama

Takemichi Haganaki is a former punk, 26 yo who hasn’t achieved anything in his life yet. He finds out that his ex-girlfriend died through a fault of the gang he was part of in the past. At the very same day he gets hit by a train and travels twelve years back to the past. So Takemichi decides to change the future no matter what.


Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro / Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

Genres: comedy, melodrama, slice of life

A high school student Hayase Nagatoro was recently transferred to a new school. She has a hobby — to terrorize her shy sempai artist! Despite he hates Nagatoro in the beginning he starts to find out her little weaknesses. Who knows, maybe they can be friends thanks to that?


April 12

To Your Eternity / Fumetsu no Anata e

Genres: adventures, drama, fantasy

First It was an orb. Then It became a stone. When it becomes colder and snowy, It turns into moss. When a wounded lonely wolf comes closer and lies on the ground to die It becomes a wolf. Finally, It gets consciousness and walks across tundra until It meets a boy. When the boy dies It becomes him and realizes what does it mean to be a human.


April 14

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Genres: comedy, family

This is a sitcom about a founder of a cosmetic brand and a single father in combination, whose full of energy teen daughter moves to live with him.


April 16

Big Shot

Genres: comedy, drama, sport

Marvin was basketball couch in college until he was fired because of his violent temper. Now he is a teacher and couch in an elite private middle school for girls.


April 18

Mare Of Easttown

Genres: drama, crime

Mare Sheehan investigates a murder in a small city of Pennsylvania while her private life falls apart.


April 20

Cruel Summer

Genres: drama, thriller, mystery

Kate, a popular and beautiful girl, was kidnapped in a small city in Texas. Jeanette, who seems to have no connection with these events, gains popularity but turns into the most despised person in the city in 1995.


April 21


Genres: action, drama, fantasy

A shy Italian guy of African origin has an incredible super power. Thanks to it he can open the doors to the world and love.


April 22

Rutherford Falls

Genres: comedy

Peace in a small town in the northeast of US is jeopardized when a local legend and town’s namesake Nathan Rutherford objects to moving a historical monument.


April 23

Shadow and Bone

Genres: action, drama, fantasy

Once powerful Ravka country is now surrounded by enemies and split with the Shadow Canyon — pitch dark line with monsters eating human flesh living in it. Soldier-girl Alina finds out she has an incredible power that can safe the world from the evil.

It’s a screen adaptation of a novel by Leigh Bardugo.


April 29


Genres: action, adventure, anime

An anime showing a life of samurai from Africa, who fought a cruel feudal in Japan in XVI century. He was called Black Samurai and became a legend.


April 30

The Mosquito Coast

Genres: adventure, drama, thriller

A story of an idealist, who moves to Latin America with his family.


El inocente

Genres: drama, mystery, crime

A story of Mateo, who got into a fight nine years ago and became a murderer.


Without a certain date of release

Don’t Call It Love! / Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui

Genres: slice of life, melodrama

Ryou Amakusa is a successful businessman who is totally unlucky when it comes to relationship. But when he meets Ichika Arima — best friend of his youngest sister, he falls in lovehelplessly. The only problem is that Ichika is a high school student, otaku and tsundere.


New Seasons of TV Series

April 1

Creepshow, Season 2

Genres: mystery, fantasy, horror

It’s an anthology series based on “Creepshow” comics by Steven King.


Manifest, Season 3

Genres: drama, mystery, sci-fi

Missing passengers of flight 828 return back home after five years but they didn’t age at all. Now they have to learn how to live in the new world. But the mystery behind their flight haunts them: passengers have strange visions, which hide a mystery deep down them.

New season starts after three month from the events of the second one and will focus on investigating of an aircraft part that was lying on the sea bottom all this time.


April 4

Nomad: Megalo Box, Season 2

Genres: action, drama, sport, sci-fi

An anime about underground fight clubs. The main character — JD, who doesn’t have an ID card, is fighting there because he needs money. He dreams about taking part in legal championship one day. He gets a chance to join “Megalonia” — box competition to see which one is the best.


Moriarty the Patriot / Yuukoku no Moriarty, Season 2

Genres: mystery

It’s a continuation of the anime about William Moriarty — a young criminal mastermind, who challenged the traditional system and decided to create new world, where everyone will be equal.


April 7

Queen of the South, Season 5

Genres: action, drama, crime

Teresa has to flee from Mexico after her boyfriend, a drug dealer, was murdered. She moves to Dallas, where she plans to become the main drug dealer in the country and avenge the death of her beloved.

Season five will be final for the series.


April 8

Everything's Gonna Be Okay, Season 2

Genres: comedy

After his father passed away, Nicolas becomes a guardian for his two stepsisters. He needs not only to deal with his loss but also save his small family from falling apart.


April 11

Saints & Sinners, Season 5

Genres: drama

The plot is going around the parishioners and men of the clothes of a Baptist church in a small south city that became a nest for crime, greed and sin.

The creator’s team promised that in season 5 a man, who wants to avenge his son’s death will arrive in the city. And also a mystery that could destroy the whole city will be revealed.


April 15

Younger, Season 7

Genres: comedy, melodrama

After many years of living in a marriage, Lisa’s husband suddenly announces that he wants a divorce. She, who refused a career and chose family, has to search for a new job again. It turns out to be a big struggle — no one wants an employee with a minimal experience and outdated skills. When she was mistaken for a student, she decides to lie in CV about her real age. So she gets an assistant job in a big publisher house.

The plot of the new and final season of “Younger” is kept secret at the moment.


Infinity Train, Season 4

Genres: action, adventure, animation

It’s an animated anthology series about different people who get into a train with infinite number of wagons. Every wagon is a separate world they have to find an exit from and return back home.


April 16

Van Helsing, Season 5

Genres: action, drama, fantasy

Vanessa Helsing is a distant ancestor of a famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. She rises from the dead to fight vampires that conquered the world.

In the final fifth season Vanessa and her friends are ready to risk everything they have in order to defeat the Dark once and forever. She will meet tons of obstacles on her way but in the end an epic battle between Helsing family and the Dark is waiting for her.


April 18

Luis Miguel: La Serie, Season 2

Genres: drama, history, biography

It’s a biographical series about Luis Miguel — one of the most famous singers of Mexico.


Godfather Of Harlem, Season 2

Genres: drama, crime

1960s, Harlem. Gangster called Bumpy Johnson runs a shipboard prostitution, gambling and drug dealer empire.

It’s a prequel to the “American Gangster” movie from 2007, which centered on illegal business of Frank Lukas.


April 19

American Dad!, Season 18

Genres: comedy, animation

It’s an animated satirical TV show for adults showing the life of Smith family. Stan is a CAN agent, devoted republican and conservator. Francine, his wife, is a housewife. Hailey, the eldest daughter, is a democrat supporting liberal values. Steve, their son, is an intelligent geek, who has problems with girls. Also there are two more “family members”: an alien called Roger and Klaus — a German sportsman trapped in a gold fish body.


April 28

The Handmaid's Tale, Season 4

Genres: drama, thriller, sci-fi

Gilead is a totalitarian religious state located on the territory of former US after revolution. Shortly before that the world faced ecological catastrophes and drastic fall in the birth rate. In Gilead women are state’s property. In order to populate the world again, those few women who are able to give birth are forced to sexual slavery. Fredova is one of them and she tells the story of her life.

It’s a screen adaptation of a novel by Margaret Atwood.

Details of the new season are kept secret at the moment but most likely we will see Waterford process, adaptation of escaped handmaids and their children in Canada and also more active resistance against Gilead regime.

Author: Kira Shmeleva
Translation: Inna Guseva