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Workshops and art studios in Limassol: music, culinary, art and dance classes for children and adults
Workshops and art studios in Limassol
music, culinary, art and dance classes for children and adults
Evgenia Bravo
Author: Evgenia Bravo

What to do in Limassol when beach season is over? Read our review if you want to know how to participate in a workshop taught by one of the best chefs in the city, where to learn to tap-dance, which music schools offer Greek music courses and which pay special attention to technologies.

Music studios

Kyriakides is a music studio in Limassol that offers classes for three-year-olds and older children and adults. Here you can learn how to sing, play guitar, piano or drums, start or continue exploring the world of solfeggio, develop a perfect pitch, use modern computer technologies and special programs to write music, be a part of a vocal ensemble and even help to create a musical.

Музыкальные школы для взрослых в Лимассоле

The smallest kids (from 3 to 6 years old) are welcome to participate in entertaining Kindermusik events. Kyriakides students are involved in music life of the island, taking part in concerts and other cultural events.

Music N Art is a dance and music school classes in which are lead by professional musicians, dancers, and teachers of acting, who design courses for children, teenagers and adults. Students of the school play accordion, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, flute, drums, violin and bass and learn how to sing. There is also a course dedicated to traditional and Greek church music, which includes theory and singing practice.

Музыкальная школа для детей, Лимассол

Acting classes are held in groups of 15 persons and are meant to develop the students’ imagination, oratorial and acting skills. One day a week the school hosts the musical theater lessons where students sing, dance and learn the basic rules of acting. Ballet and contemporary dance lessons are also held at the Music N Art School.

Individual and group voice trainings, as well as piano, guitar, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, Greek guitar classes, are held at the On Stage Music school in Limassol. It also offers opportunities for those who are interested in learning the basics of musical technologies and understanding the beauty of the Byzantine music.

Some of the classes at the On Stage Music school focus on the sense of rhythm, movement, and improvisation. Theatre course students practice pantomime and acting techniques.

The Novia Mavromoustaki school was founded in 1982. Here teachers give individual lessons to those who want to play guitar, piano, violin, bass, accordion, saxophone, drums and other instruments, or sing in classical or popular style. Both group and private lessons in such disciplines as solfeggio, harmony, theory and history of music are also held here.

The classrooms are equipped with all the necessary instruments and materials; also, there is a sound proof room for drummers and a cozy patio where students can gather during the breaks at school.

Индивидуальные уроки музыки, Лимассол

The Diamantidou school was opened in Limassol in 1998. It started as a guitar and piano school, but in 2008 dance, acting, gymnastics, and other performing arts were added to the schedule. Today the school makes classes in guitar, piano, drums, violin, accordion and other musical instruments available, and provides jazz, flamenco, salsa, contemporary and traditional Greek dance classes. Acting, yoga, and aerobics lessons are also held here, and there is a model school on the territory of the Diamantidou. Additionally, there is a music therapy course for pregnant women and children who are low-performing at school.

The Limassol Theatre Art School is a children’s performing arts school with its own musical theater that often releases new plays. There are vocal, acting and dance studios (hip-hop, latin dance, jazz, modern) studios here. Gymnastics, Circus Art and acrobatics classes are also held at the school. One of the courses is designed to help students learn English through theater and communication theory. Children and teenagers who attend the Limassol Theatre Art School have an opportunity to participate in auditions and different theater and cinema projects. Adults are welcome at tap-dancing, salsa and voice training lessons.

Актерское мастерство для детей, Лимассол

The Veramand Studio performing arts school prepares professional dancers, artists, singers and other performers. It focuses on improvisation, sound recording, camera work, dance and other art forms. Here you can also prepare for an audition.

Dance studios

Success dance school offers classes in modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap-dance, street dance, ballet, and traditional Greek dance. Here you can also learn the basics of pantomime and such a wonderful genre as a musical comedy.

Танцевальные студии в Лимассоле

The Vania Vrondi is a Russian ballet and art school in Limassol, founded by a choreographer and a dance teacher Vrondi in 1988. Students attend the school for 8 years and are thoroughly prepared to build a career in the world of the academic dance. So-called historical dance style, character dance and contemporary, break dance, hip hop, and the Latin Dance courses are also held here.

Студия балета для детей, Лимассол

There is also a music faculty, where students attend solfeggio, the history and theory of music classes and sing in the choir. Each student chooses one musical instrument for an individual practice. In the end of the year, the school holds a big Christmas concert with participation of students. An early music education course is available for the children from 3 years old. Voice training lessons are held for the students of all ages.

Art, acting, and wushu are additional programs at the Vania Vrondi school.

The Swing Latino dance school specializes in salsa, cha cha, samba, rumba, tango and argentine tango, paso doble, and other bright and merry dance styles. Waltz, foxtrot, freelance, RnB and Greek dance courses are also available here. A lot of Swing Latino instructors came to work here from abroad, and students regularly take part in dance competitions and can take an IDTA exam twice a year.

Латиноамериканские танцы для взрослых в Лимассоле

Children and adults of all ages are welcome to participate in Zumba program, which includes aerobics and a little bit of all the Latin-American dance styles. The Zumbatomic course is designed specifically for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Live Dance Studio is a professional dance school for children, teenagers and adults, which focuses on choreography, Middle Eastern dance and fitness. The Middle Eastern dance course students participate in international competitions on a regular basis. There is a wardrobe department on the territory of the school.

Dance Studio Credo opened in Limassol in 2005. It mostly specializes in jazz and modern dance styles, although the academic dance and gymnastics are also included in the program. Beginner groups (children, teenagers, and adults) are usually formed in autumn. Then students work on staging a theatrical-choreography shows in different dance styles which are performed at the end of December. Every year students of the school take part in dance competitions.

Студия современного танца, Лимассол

Dance Factory is another dance school where children and teenagers can learn how to dance jazz, hip-hop, street dance and modern. Group and individual aerobics lessons are also available. School successfully performs in international festivals and competitions.

Cooking workshops

Sugar Designs is a Limassol confectionery known for its delicious homemade cakes and desserts which can be ordered due to any special occasion. In 2013 the confectionery started holding cooking classes, where participants learn how to make pastry, pies, cookies, cupcakes, several types of cakes and various fluent glaze designs. If you want to know how to make dolls from a chocolate spread and cook a famous «duchess cake» you are welcome to take part in a two days long seminar (all the materials are included in the final cost).

Кулинарные мастер-классы в Лимассоле

Ta Piatakia restaurant is the place appreciated by tourists and locals for its modern interpretations of traditional Cypriot dishes. The chef of the restaurant invites visitors to participate in cooking workshops, during which he tries to explain why fresh local products play such an important role in the cooking process and how to make «the best casserole on the island». Sometimes workshops extend to the market, where the lesson on how to choose the ingredients is taught. And, of course, in the end, participants get to try everything they have cooked.

Кулинарные уроки в Лимассоле

Students of the Le Méridien culinary school learn how to make cocktails and how to become a sommelier. They also cook traditional Cypriot dishes under the supervision of a professional cook.

The Cookery School offers workshops for children and adults. Here you can learn how to make sushi, tapas, Thai, Italian and Asian traditional meals (and lots of other things). There is also a culinary school for children from 8 to 12 years old on the territory of the school, where kids cook new dishes every week, explore cooking techniques and experiment with food. Children can bring prepared meals home or share them with friends during lunch time. School courses for teenagers include «The basics of cooking in 6 weeks», the crash course for beginners who want to eat cheap and healthy food, and other. From time to time the school organizes open dinners, where everybody can try everything at a nominal charge.

Кулинарные мастер-классы для детей, Лимассол

Art studios

Studio 8 art and design school was founded by a scene designer Andreas Mavrogenis in 2008. It offers painting, drawing and design classes. Also, students create art in mixed media painting techniques, create their own designers’ collections and present them to the public, study photography on an amateur and advanced levels, develop their acting talents in the theater studio and make computer animation. Some of the classes are designed specifically for children, others are open for visitors of all ages.

Курсы живописи в Лимассоле

6x6 photography school in located in Limassol city center. It is a fully-featured modern photography center which holds exhibitions of works made by local and international photographers, has an equipped studio, library, gallery (which features vintage cameras, photographs, and other objects) and a shop.

Seminars, lectures, and workshops are held at the school on a regular basis. Visitors can also use the most advanced Epson color printer.

Decofrog Art is the biggest in Limassol art and hobby supplies store where you can find all one needs for decoupage: glues, paints, paper, gilding, small boxes, and more. There is also a workshop on the territory of the store, where children and adults can learn how to decorate a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper.

Творческие мастер-классы в Лимассоле

Start Center studio offers painting workshops for children and adults, as well as individual lessons. The founder of the school, the Limassol-based painter Stella Afxentiou, works with photography, sculpture, video and performance mediums.