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Vladimiros Tziortzis: My passions are speed and technology
Vladimiros Tziortzis
My passions are speed and technology
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Jordan Worsley

A very young and as they say, up and coming, sportsmen. He is a lover of his country with big dreams for the future.
I present to you our interviewee: Vladimiros Tziortzis, a formula racer.

Country: Russia-Cyprus

From the very beginning of our interview, I would like to thank you for taking an interest in me. I’m glad that there are people nearby who support me — thank you!

So, I was born in Cyprus, in Nicosia. My mother is Russian, so I’m half Cypriot and the other half Russian. I love both Cyprus and Russia equally and am happy to have come from these fantastic places.

I began karting when I was only five after my dad had once taken me to watch a race in Dromolaxia. From that very moment, my love for this sport began.

Ordinary is not a word you would use to describe my childhood: from an early age, after making the decision to start racing, I was always like… a robot (seriously), so that I could do everything on time. That included: school lessons, gym training, time on the track and of course, the races themselves. Nevertheless, I’m happy because I’ve been able to learn a lot and get stronger in preparation for future tests and victories.

Vladimiros Tziortzis

Years later, after long hours of learning and training, I became Cypriot champion seven times in different categories and three times took part in the Italian Rok Cup Work Final in Lonato (Italy), alongside racers from all over the world (by the way, my best position was 13th place). In 2012, despite having started in 4th position at the Grand Final, after overtaking the Italians, an accident meant that I finished 17th out of 80 participants. Besides this, I participated in some races in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra) with excellent results. Afterwards, the opportunity presented itself for me to be tested in a Formula Renault 2.0 on the tracks in Valencia (Spain) and Varano (Italy). There were also some tests at the Formula Euro Open in 2014 with the West-Tec team in Silverstone (Great Britain, the Formula 1 racing circuit). I raced in the 2015 Formula Masters Russia, where we posted pleasing results (4th and 5th place). In 2016, I was a participant in the SMP F4 NEZ Championship (Formula 4 in the North-European zone), supported by my team SMP Racing and sponsors: NEOS Motor Oil Cyprus, Akakiko, Intertaxaudit, Eurofast, Alco Filters, Petrosports, Kstools and my college — Global College. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to join the Formula 4 championship that year.

Naturally, having spent a lot of time learning the track here in Nicosia (Daytona Raceway), I want to become a Formula 1 driver and continue racing for the rest of my life, regardless of the difficulties I may encounter. I hope I can reach my goal in the coming years and make my dream a reality!

What in particular do I like about motorsports? The speed, the technology and the drone of the Formula car engines! I remember something funny, which happened when I was younger. It was 8:00 on a Saturday morning, and we had arrived at the track, which was still closed. After long hours of training, during which we didn’t even notice how the day had ended, and it had turned dark, we suddenly heard a girl who worked there shouting that it was long past closing time. Now you can see what racing means to me, as it had already become a part of my life even back then!

Vladimiros Tziortzis

Becoming a Formula racer is certainly no walk in the park. After all, you have to spend a lot of time training, and you need to find sponsors (and this is no easy task in Cyprus today!). From time to time, school exams “complicate” the situation. But the main thing is — you need to live this sport if you see your future in it. So if somebody decides to be a Formula racer, they must be ready to overcome a lot of obstacles, while falling in love with racing.

Since my childhood, my hobbies have been motorsports, karting and now the Formula series. As I’ve already mentioned, I also spend a lot of time in the gym, so that I’m in good condition for all upcoming races. I also have another passion — aeroplanes! In general, I’m always attracted to technology and speed, wherever they may be.

You’re wondering, what inspires me? Hmm, good question. I think it’s the sea views. Relaxing while watching the sunset. I love the moment when the light of day goes beyond the horizon: as this is the ideal time to let your mind wander.

Cyprus is a great love of mine, I was born here. I really like that most Cypriots are open and straightforward people! But Russia is my second home. Every country has its peculiarities, its appealing traits, — everything that distinguishes it from others.

I think that “becoming part of the landscape” in Cyprus is a little tricky and the reason for this is the language. Greek, in my view, is somewhat complicated, but if you want to learn it, — anything is possible :) The island climate, with its summer heat, in fact, is also not suited to everyone.

I really like our sea, for when I’m on the coast, in particular, observing the colours of the setting sun, I feel like I can truly relax. There are also many great places on the island which you can visit with your family to take a break, and our island is absolutely delightful in the summer. The church of Agios Kiprianos in Meniko is a special place for me. These places generally open up some phenomenal vistas, especially at sunset.

I’d like to visit Abu-Dhabi. This is a fascinating place which would be interesting to see, and while I’m there: why not go to the Yas Marina (the F1 racing circuit)? But the Netherlands and Amsterdam, in particular, has been the country the has caught my eye the most. I’ve been there and am now very fond of it: everything is beautiful and clean, the people are simple, unpretentious and easy to talk to. I’ll definitely be going back there!

To any tourists getting ready to visit our country, I’d like to say: enjoy the time you spend here because the island is stunning and the sea very clean. There are lots of places here, and you’ll always find something to look at (churches, museums). You definitely have to try our traditional cuisine — it’s simply magical. I love Cyprus for all of these things. But we, the people living here, are friendly and always prepared to help our guests with any issues.

For those like myself, who reside on the island, I’d like to say: we must always stay strong. Our country, after all, has gone through many a trying time (not only crises, but wars), but we are still strong, and I think this country flourishes more and more every year: it’s a fantastic island, populated by magnificent people whom I love!

And finally, I’d like to again thank for the opportunity to say all this.

I wish you all the very best!!!