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Top 5 gourmet coffee shops in Limassol
Top 5
gourmet coffee shops in Limassol
Natasha Kalinina
Author: Natasha Kalinina

Coffee in Cyprus is essential. Moreover, the traditional Cypriot Coffee is included in every tourists’ must-do-list. But where do you go if you have already ticked this one off your list and fancy something different and more up-to-date instead? Sure, the global chain coffee houses spread throughout the main streets of Limassol, however the third-wave coffee shops also adamant to show their presence on the island. Here is our mini-guide to local gourmet coffee shops where one can get a cup of specialty coffee brewed with love and even hear the whole story of the beans and their way to one’s cup.


Uluwatu Specialty Coffees

Located in the beginning of the old town’s busiest street — Anexartisias — this place probably best matches the format of a contemporary independent coffee shop. Minimalistic loft interior with almost no tables makes it not quite a public eatery. It is rather a place to gather and share some time, a place of rest for a city culture aficionado. Here one can enjoy good music, read a book having settled in a huge comfy chair under a standard-lamp, have a chat with barista. It is the barista Andreas himself who launched the place, which after its 2 years of existence has turned into a lifestyle project Urban Space Uluwatu. So now it’s not only specialty coffee — which is by the way freshly roasted in London by the industry’s enthusiasts Square Mile Coffee Roasters a few days before it finally finds its way into your cup. Apart from the brew, you can order minimalistic furniture, buy books, pottery and cacti here. And don’t forget about ice cream! The one you get here looks more like art works and is used to entice the passers-by to pop inside. Ice cream popsicles decorated with edible violets, cornflowers, pansies grown near Pafos (and even edible gold sometimes) is produced right here using bio milk or no milk at all (hey vegans!). Strawberries, pistachios, caramel, blackberries, lemon, Nutella — the flavours depend on the season here as well as coffee. You can have your uplifting drink as espresso coming from a futuristic Elektra machine or brewed alternatively. However barista will not deny you a cappuccino or a freddo. You can also buy beans or ground coffee from the London roasters for your home use.

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Address: Anexartisias 10.


Angel’s Coffee Cup

This one is a tiny café in the old town between the municipal market and the huge Cathedral of Panagia Pantanassa. One simply cannot walk by those panelled doors in mint hue, sweet looking pots of lavender and the coffee scent. Angela the café’s friendly owner greets her customers as if old friends and brews an exceptional coffee to go with the guest’s mood. The beans are delivered by a Greek company Taf which sources coffee all over the world and roasts the beans in the best possible way for each sort to show its specific taste and character of its place of origin. At the moment you can taste a blend of some decent beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Soumatra at Angel’s Coffee Cup. Traditional Cyprus coffee and homemade fresh lemonade are the other options. There are also sweets and comforting bites to go with your cup of joe: croissants and homemade pastries are baked everyday. Wellness fans can often find gluten free bars here as well. Should you wish to keep a souvenir then check out a display of handmade jewellery, calendars, books and branded coffee mugs. But be warned: the time stops in here. The long bench covered with cushions, ancient stone walls, wooden beams under the ceiling, dozens of cute details such as pictures and ornaments all create an atmosphere of a lived-in house where you will definitely be looked after. Do find some time for a break here before you continue with your journey charged with positive energy.

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Address: Kanari 20.


Bike&Bean Coffee Station

Good news for the guests and residents of Limassol’s touristic area: good coffee can be now found in Germasogeia too! And you have an interesting bonus as well — it is a thematic establishment. According to the owner of this small café not far from the entrance to the Dasoudi Beach, cyclists and coffee cannot exist without each other. The Cypriot cyclists anyway. The owner Marinos is a semi-professional cyclist himself and one can see it through his shop’s interior: bicycle forks make the legs of the bar stools, tires cover the edges of glass tables, the lamps are made of crossbars, photos of races cover the walls. Cheerful guys in jersey overalls can be often found at the bar or terrace. Either they are all Marinos’ friends or cyclists from all over the place indeed direct their iron horses to this source of strong coffee. The beans are sourced by afore-mentioned Taf in Greece. There is a selection of blends for coffee machine or filter. Seasonal specialty sorts are updated every week, ask barista for a “coffee of the day”. Apart from drinks and vitamin smoothies there are acai bowls, pastry and natural cereal and nuts bars.

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Address: Georgiou A 18B.


Tribe Coffee Roasters

Generally speaking this one is a roastery, not a caffe. Although this company works mainly with corporate clients, they are happy to share their love of good coffee with anyone so all sorts of customers are welcome here. It looks like a gentleman’s club at first glance. With a leather sofa and solid bar stools, brickwork, dark walls and ceilings and abundance of wooden elements the interior definitely has a manly character to it. The establishment is often full of male customers too. Behind the bar however is a girl. The business lady Dimitra is brewing next freshly roasted sort with her sharp movements. Roasting machines for green coffee selected all over the world are placed deeper in the room among the big-bellied jute bags with multi-coloured brands of countries of origin. Tribe supports micro-farms in Columbia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. A specialty of your taste can either be purchased in packs for home use, or bought in 60-kilo bags as companies like PwC do for their employees. There is a Tribe Coffee Club for true fans. Its members are entitled to a bag of new beans every month, priority tickets to cupping-sessions and discounts for coffee and brewing accessories.

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Address: Agias Zonis 50.


Starbucks Brew Bar

Modern coffee snobs put an unofficial ban on Starbucks brand. However the american company tries its best to win as many customers as possible. The new Starbucks Brew Bar has opened its doors right next to the elder brother Starbucks Enaerios in September. The interior is a bit more sophisticated and trendy than usual. The counter is the main attraction here allowing guests to comfortably sit at the bar and have a conversation with barista brewing a fresh cup. There’s also a cosy terrace hidden from passers by with lots of plants. Apart from black coffee of different origins and roasts brewed the alternative way of your choice (Chemex, pour-over or french press) there’s also a selection of teas hot or cold. But the real star of the place is Nitro cold brew which one can have from the tap. It’s like the Guinness of the cold brew coffee world. Infused with nitrogen, this coffee’s got a slightly enhanced sweetness, velvety texture and creamy flavor. You can try it straight or add some milk, caramel, almond and vanilla flavors.

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Address: Archiepiskopou Makarou III 3.


Enjoy your journey into the modern coffee culture. Cheers!