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Sarah Fenwick: One with The World
Sarah Fenwick
One with The World
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Jordan Worsley

Allow us to introduce our new guest. She’s a talented jazz and blues singer, journalist, entrepreneur and artist.
Meet Sarah Fenwick!
Country: Cyprus

As an entrepreneur, I run three companies: Jazz Arts and Communications, и Sarah's Jazz Club, where I have the opportunity to combine the main “features” of my work: as a jazz singer, a journalist and a communications consultant in the sphere of internet marketing.

I was born in Kenya and had a very happy childhood with my Cypriot mother and English father. We travelled a lot around different countries, lived in the West Indies, England and Germany.

In 1973, our family moved permanently to Cyprus, which I chose as my home going forward.

I had always wanted to be a singer and writer. The cultures of those countries which I’d had the honour of visiting significantly influenced the development of my love for the multicultural music of jazz and blues.

What do I like most about my profession? I think the process of creating musical and spiritual connections with the audience, as well as the opportunity to take them to a different world: forged from harmony, melody and rhythm — 99% of my listeners love this in particular.

However, we’ve sometimes had to clash with those who don’t understand music at all.

We were performing one evening in a hotel and unfortunately one of the guests, it so happened, had got drunk and wasn’t all too happy to listen to our live music near his room. He even attempted to drench us with water, as we were playing right under his balcony! Fortunately, we managed to get out of the way and the water didn’t go on our electrical equipment. It was a good thing that nobody was hurt and we had a laugh about it later. After all, without a sense of humour, you make life more difficult for yourself!

But seriously, jazz and blues have played an important role in my life: thanks to their multicultural nature, they connect people everywhere… These musical genres essentially stand for peace, freedom and quality — values which mean a lot to me.

The people of Cyprus accept both genres: they are getting all the more popular and this has become especially noticeable since our fantastic musicians began to perform both here and abroad… Although, yes, at one time, we had to work hard to make the wider public aware of this beautiful music and to understand it. This involved using marketing techniques, which helps to “create a market”, if there isn’t one yet.

Regarding my journalism career, I see my mission as identical to that of my work in music — to further the spread of ideas about equality, freedom and peace, as well as the right for varying opinions and views on life. My philosophy on citizenship and ethnic identity consists firstly of the necessity to become a well-rounded person, an individual — to learn what you’re fond of, what you’re not; to understand your life goals, opportunities and relationships. Only when you’ve reached this level of maturity, independence and wisdom, can you decide how to approach your ethnicity and nationality. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. The language in which you speak is the history which you relate to; the traditions which you follow — all of this depends fully on you. A person has the right to freedom of speech and choice. Is this a simple process in Cyprus? No, it’s full of issues, but it’s worth addressing them.
I’m glad that my experience and skill set is in high demand on the island. I’ve been doing things which I love all my life and I’m grateful to fate for this opportunity, as well as social media sites; thanks to them I’ve maintained ties with many people here and all over the world. Life is so busy that you don’t always find time to even chat with your neighbours!

That being said, I’ve still time left for a hobby: I like painting and making mosaics, reading, listening to music. Cooking is also something I enjoy! And you know, I could do with some more luck here (Sarah laughs).

So, my source of inspiration…That’s a really good question! There are so many things: nature, colour, beauty, harmony, creating new melodies — they inspire me to do something to make others happy… what else: fashion, music, great films — where people’s dreams materialise. After all, even cleaning at home can be creative and inspiring.
I guess that sounds strange? Nevertheless, everything depends on how you look at it.

I’ll tell you briefly about my favourite way to relax: I prefer being at home, where I spend my time most often.

One day I’d like to visit the countries of the Mediterranean: Greece, Italy and others similar to them — places where passionate, emotional people live and the food is fantastic. There are always surprises and discoveries in store when you meet these great cultures.

I recommend everyone in Cyprus go to the small villages in the districts of Limassol and Paphos. You’ll always be able to try some marvellous wine from the local wineries here, as well as to buy something sweet or a piece of unique, traditional ceramic ware.

Cyprus is my home, with all its merits and shortcomings. I’d say that my life here changed with my move to the countryside, where I’m able to more greatly appreciate the beauty of nature; instead of being surrounded by buildings in a large city, with too much noise and a polluted environment. Other than that, I’ve been used to “local conditions” since childhood, as I came to Cyprus when I was still little. I can speak candidly about a number of topics which concern me the most here: for instance, equal rights and human rights in general, restoring the economy and tragic political clashes. I’m proud of my country and believe that its multicultural roots have allowed us to become stronger.

I particular like that Cyprus overcomes all the troubles and difficulties it encounters. History demonstrates this to us again and again. I wish love, happy travels, health and prosperity to everyone. To all the residents of Cyprus — peace and harmony!