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Nicola Simpson: by helping people, I’m trying to change the world for the better
Nicola Simpson
By helping people, I’m trying to change the world for the better
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Photo: Daria Saulskaia

Our guest is a publicist and the owner of the publication “Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd”.
We present to you the story of a strong woman who has managed to begin a new life here in Cyprus.
Country: Great Britain

As a publisher of entrepreneurial literature, in addition to inspirational and motivational books on self-development, I help people to share my stories and influence the surrounding world, exchanging my knowledge and life experience with others.

I had a happy childhood with my parents and two younger sisters in Essex, Great Britain. I was keen on numbers and wanted to work with them, following in the footsteps of my mother, who was an accounts manager during my youth.

Over the years I went through several professions: accountancy, banking and finance, work in local bodies of authority, business analysis and consultant work with clients across the whole of Europe, — all of this, as a result, led me to Scotland, where I assisted job seekers in finding employment.

I then became a publisher directly after writing my own autobiographical book “Abigail’s Rainbow”, which describes the grief-stricken journey of a mother after her eldest daughter dies in a car accident. I couldn’t find an agent or publisher who would support the book and as a result, I founded my own publication “Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd” in the United Kingdom.
I began to appear on national television, in newspapers and magazines, giving interviews on the radio: both in Cyprus and Great Britain. I must say, after I went on ITV’s morning programme, I ‘shot to stardom’, as they say, becoming one of the best-selling authors.

Other writers began to contact me, desiring their works to be published. After some contemplation, I decided that I wanted to help them share their stories, providing them with that very opportunity which I myself had once fought to obtain. Up to now, I have published the manuscripts of six authors and I’m continuing to work on several others, which will be released a little later this year.

After my daughter passed away, my family decided that we had to move in order to change our lives. Our grief would stay with us forever. Where we used to live, I only had two roads to work: one — past the cemetery where she was laid to rest; the other — through the spot where my Abigail died. This was too difficult to bear! Honestly, I just wanted to run away and deal with my grief, without having daily reminders of it.

I quit my job when we were getting ready for our move to Cyprus; I was looking after my youngest daughter, who was 13 at the time and spent a lot of time with her when my husband (now ex) was working offshore on a wind turbine.

It was then that I began writing my book “Abigail’s Rainbow”, to share what had happened and to help others overcome their grief. This led to the creation of my own publication in Britain, which not only became a new business but signalled a completely new path in my life.

Living in Cyprus, I work with several business owners and entrepreneurs who are writing books in English, in order to share their knowledge and experience with their audience. My business allows me to work in any place and with authors from all over the world. I am constantly inspired by the examples of those who surround me and have witnessed how many people have drastically changed their lives or the lives of others, — those who have achieved great success.

Inside all of us, we have this amazing power to change our own lives for the better, regardless of what may have happened in the past!

In general, I love to travel and spent two years on trips abroad, where I completed two courses in teaching yoga (one in India; the other a year later in Thailand). So, I think my favourite hobby is yoga — a significant part of my therapeutic journey, which I share by conducting lessons at the hotel Almira in Paphos. Having visited many countries around the world and observed different cultures, I suddenly realised that I had actually seen and visited rather few places in Europe itself. I have already been on business trips to Spain, Greece and Poland. I love Greece! I plan on being there again to meet my Greek friends in Athens. And again: out of all my trips, I adore returning home, to Cyprus!

How do I relax? There’s nothing better than taking it easy in the sun, by a swimming pool or on the beach. I also love swimming, snorkelling, quad biking and karting, — everything you can do while living in Cyprus.

I will say — my life has completely changed due to my move here. We threw away a lot; sold what we could and took with us only boxes with belongings. I was living with a pain in my soul, but the sunny climate and new social circle, who didn’t have the slightest idea about what had happened and perceived us as we were, allowed us to begin our lives from a clean slate.

What would I like to wish my readers? Enjoy your stay on the island: relax, get to know its culture and take pleasure in the surrounding views. While here, you absolutely must do the following: visit the tavern hosting performances by traditional folklore artists, look at the mosaics, go to the archaeological digs (there are many here!), sail out to sea and watch the sea turtles and…. Learn how to say “please” and “thank you” in Greek! When I’m travelling around the world, the only place which I truly miss is Cyprus. This is more my home than anywhere else in the world!

My daughter, Hannah, went to Britain to continue her studies, but she returned last year with her fiancé. You know, I consider myself “a true British woman” and when I arrived on the island, I wanted to plunge headfirst into the local culture and learn the language. However, my daughter went to an English school and all our neighbours and close friends were Brits. Sometimes you get the impression that together we make a “little England”. It’s not exactly what I’d wanted, but when I realised that, it was already too late, you know? (Nicola laughs)

I’ve tried to master Greek, but there are so many expats from different countries here that it makes doing so no simpler task. I love the climate here, the way of life... plus the fact the sea is always near. My publishing business is online, allowing me to live and work wherever I like. I am happy that I chose Cyprus in particular as a place to live.