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Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset
Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset
Ten Ideas For Every Taste
Dmitry Gridin
Author: Dmitry Gridin
Translation: Maria Charnaya

Cyprus may be a tourist country, but it is also a quiet and peaceful place. Nightlife scene here is sparse, to put it lightly. This applies to large cities as well as smaller towns. The only exception is Ayia Napa. But this doesn’t mean that there is nowhere to go after sunset. Here is our list of top ten places for those who are in Limassol and want to do something fun at night.


Have a beer at one of the noisiest spots in the city — the bars and pubs district

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

The bars and pubs district is hidden in the dark and quiet alleys of the city. Walking down this area it seems like nothing can break this idyllic Cypriot silence. But keep walking and you will soon be surprised: crowds of people, dozens of drinking establishments to suit any taste. Each one is packed to the rafters. Most of the visitors are locals. Few tourists tend to come here.

The bars and pubs district can be found near the old municipal market on Saripolou street. If you are looking for fun and crowds of people, then this is the place for you.


Go to the movies

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

There are only two movie theaters in Limassol. One of them is located in the center, and the other — in the outskirts. Films are screened in the original language with Greek subtitles. The theater in downtown Limassol is called Rio Cinema. It is housed in an old building, has a small parking lot and mediocre service. The upside is that you can get there by foot.

The other movie theater is located in the outskirts of Limassol and is called K-Cineplex Limassol. It is part of the Cineplex chain of theaters that has branches in all major cities on the island. But don’t expect it to mean superb quality. K-Cineplex Limassol has a rather small, worn-out auditorium with shabby-looking chairs. But considering the lack of alternatives, there is not much you can do about it. Plus, once the lights go out — all theaters seem pretty much the same.


Enjoy a stroll down the Promenade

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

The Promenade is probably the most popular location in the city. It is pretty big — about 3 kilometers long. It begins as a narrow path that runs along the beach and ends with the Marina on the east. You can spend hours walking here — there is plenty of room.

Street performances are a frequent occurrence here. There are quite a few good restaurants as well as decent street vendors (e.g. corn stands). There are two large children’s playgrounds and an outdoor gym. A nearby amphitheater hosts regular public events that are usually free of charge. You can come here if you want to watch a live concert or a boxing match.

Visiting the Marina is a definite must. Thanks to the street decorations and the quaint little cafes, it feels like it’s still Christmas here. Everything sparkles, everything glitters.

Summertime in Cyprus is unbearably hot and the Promenade is the one place where you can take a break from that heat in the evenings.


Have a cultural evening at Pattihio Theater

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

Pattihio Municipal Theater is the most popular and respectable theater in the city. All the top performances and concerts happen here. The venue also hosts other public events and plays. It is located in the heart of Limassol, on Agias Zonis street. See the full schedule of events here:


Go ice skating

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

MY MALL Limassol has a small ice skating rink. You can rent your skates here and even take a private lesson. There is an ice skating school if you want to enroll in classes. So if you’ve had enough of the sun and want to cool off, then this place is perfect. If you have children, you can leave them with a private instructor and go upstairs for a cup of something warm — you’ll be able to watch your child from there too.


Dance your shoes off at Guaba Beach Bar

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

This obviously isn’t the only place where you can get your groove on in Limassol. If you walk down the beach, you will find plenty of places to suit any taste. But Guaba Beach Bar is one of the most popular places in the city. It is constantly listed as one of the Top-20 best clubs in Cyprus by Dj Mag.

Guaba Beach Bar is located, surprise surprise, right on the beach. Once you’ve finished dancing and need to cool down, you can take a dip in the sea. The bar can accommodate up to 2500 people. It hosts regular dance parties that feature local music gurus and are open to the public.


Smoke a hookah at the Hookah Place

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

Cyprus is a southern country and is geographically close to the Middle East. This means that you will have an easy time finding a hookah joint here. But Google and TripAdvisor rates Hookah Place as #1 in Limassol. The main reason for this is tobacco quality — claimed to be the best in the whole city. Plus, Hookah Place is located in an authentic Cypriot neighborhood, close to the Limassol Castle.

By the way, the cafe is open till 4am. So if you like to stay late and have long conversations, then you will like Hookah Place.


Listen to traditional live music at Rogmes Live Music

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

Concerts start pretty late here — closer to midnight — and end in the wee hours. So don’t worry about being late. Repertoire ranges from vintage national songs to contemporary Cypriot pop music.

Another great thing about Rogmes is good food and relatively cheap prices (compared to other local places). Rogmes Live Music is located right across from the beach


Go on a hike

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

The logistics might be a little more tricky than going to the movies and you will have to leave Limassol for this, but it will be worth the effort.

There are several easy hiking trails in the Troodos Mountains that you can take at night. Local guides offer supervised tours, if you don’t want to go alone. These hiking tours are very popular among locals and tourists alike. Sometimes hikes can attract up to 500 people! In this case, a hike will look more like a rally in the woods. But this is rare. Most often you will be joined by something between 20 and 100 people.

It’s a great opportunity to study the sky at night — the stars will appear especially bright in the mountains. Plus, hiking at night makes it easy to make new friends. You can also have a middle-of-the-night lunch while staring at the blurry lights of Limassol. If you are interested in this kind of experience, you can research available hikes on Facebook.

One important tip in regards to anything you want to do in Limassol: check Facebook for any upcoming events. This may not be effective when it comes to other cities, but as far as Limassol goes — there is plenty of information on fun and interesting things to do here.


Take your children to Galactica

Great Things to Do in Limassol After Sunset

Limassol is not the greatest place to come to if you have children. And finding something to do in the evenings may be twice as hard if you have kids. Unless, you head to Galactica. The place is geared specifically towards the younger audience and is open till 1am.

So what can you do here? Well, there is ice cream for starters. Plus, slot machines, video games, a children’s playground and outdoor rides. Adults can go bowling or dine out at a restaurant. It’s all pretty standard stuff.

The place isn’t the cleanest in the world either. But it is the best in Limassol, so make do.


We have now armed you with knowledge and tips to make your evenings in Limassol refreshing and entertaining. So may your nights in Limassol be long and exciting!