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Phivos Ioannides: I do a bit of everything
Phivos Ioannides
I do a bit of everything
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Jordan Worsley

Phivos Ioannides — researcher, local historian, island explorer and owner of the company “Cyprus Walks Etc”. Let’s get acquainted!
Country: Cyprus

I work in a field which I refer to as “authentic agro-tourism”: I help tourists explore Cyprus as they travel around on foot, by bicycle, car or on the water. I do all this by accompanying the island’s guests and providing the necessary information and services to tourists travelling by themselves (mainly to lovers of hiking), as well as through writing books and conducting events of a similar nature.

As a child, becoming one of the expellees after Cyprus’ division in 1974, was undoubtedly a great trauma for me. Nevertheless, I believe I had a good, happy childhood, spent surrounded by a strong family.

From an early age, I found myself having aspirations to be an entrepreneur, which continued for a long time; I also studied computer science and information technology, before receiving my master’s degree. Nowadays I’m very interested in entrepreneurial activity, innovations and technology, as well as culture and nature. This all led to me working in my current profession, though I initially worked in the bank and financial sector.

I have to say that I love helping travellers to organise their holiday in the best way possible. I had a client very recently for whom I bought a large octopus, of which we took photos and videos, depicting his dramatic “struggle” with the marine creature — in doing so he wanted to make an impression on his friends. I thought it was hilarious!

I myself have many different hobbies: I love music (both listening to and playing it), as well as various types of art, travel and events in the open air, good food and wine. I do a bit of everything.

I suppose that the inspiration in my life is a sum of various experiences — catalysts which have subconsciously launched that process of creativity. They have led to me developing new projects, which include providing various services, a mobile app and writing a book. On a different level, I’m inspired by various accomplishments, as well as beauty and immutability… by types of Akamas or Santorini, or listening to some of my favourite musical pieces, — all this really takes my breath away!

This year, whenever I’ve thought about the football team “Leicester” I’ve smiled. I am equally delighted by the achievements of Djokovic and admire the “galactic” level of everything in Ancient Greece, or the example of steadfastness demonstrated by Thomas Edison, who developed one of the first commercially successful models of the electric light.

I love nature and the rich cultural heritage of my country.

After all, there’s a reason why Cyprus is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty in Ancient Greece! I consider our island a place which possesses both a natural beauty and diversity, as well as a pleasant climate. Its multinational wealth is displayed in the majority of buildings and sights scattered around the whole island, with some dating back over millennia in age; it is also visible in the local cuisine and the Cypriot dialect (as well as the tongues of the island folk).

I have travelled a lot and even lived in several countries at some points. Our world is grand and there are so many amazing places worth visiting! On my list of “countries to visit” India, Ethiopia and Iceland are in first place. That being said, as a father of small children, I never have a chance to relax.

Of course I’d take pleasure from reading a good book while lying on a beautiful beach, for instance, but in reality I can’t do that right now. We all love the sea, therefore in summer we often go to our favourite beaches in the regions of Protaras and Ayia Napa.

I wish everyone an excellent time exploring and getting acquainted with Cyprus! I’d like to address everyone: don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty and wealth of our island… though it might not always be so blatant and obvious. I live in a miraculous place, so it is very easy to be a local Cypriot here. At the same time, there’s the constant presence of the Cypriot issue, several peculiarities linked with the society of our small island, which on occasion makes living here a little “stifling”.

Still, I believe in the strength of humans and love to see it in all its glory — for this is what gives me hope and optimism!