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A dream wedding in Cyprus
A dream wedding in Cyprus
Daria Temonenkova
Author: Daria Temonenkova
Translation: Evgenia Bravo

How to organize a dream wedding in Cyprus? Is it possible for foreign nationals to have a legal ceremony on the island? What documents are required? And how much does it all cost?

The idea to get married in sunny and beautiful Cyprus is, without any doubt, appealing to many people around the world. Bright photographs, a dreamlike ceremony on the sea shore, a fancy feast, landscape, nice weather — what can possibly be better? In addition, it is comparatively easy to get all the documentation together and meet the necessary requirements for the foreigners. Read our step-to-step instruction to find out what and how to do to bring your wedding dreams come true.

1. Choose a city

First of all, you will need to choose a city where you want your ceremony to take place. It can be Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia-Napa, Nicosia, or Paphos. Each city has its own town hall which accepts wedding applications. Check in with the desired city’s town hall to find out which dates are available.

2. Send an email

Send an email to a town hall to reserve the day and time for your ceremony. Make sure to ask which documents will be needed and what other rules may apply: even though described below, they may change over time and vary from nationality to nationality. Also include your full legal names and dates of birth (as in your international passport / another legal travel document), and the desired dates for the ceremony. Try to start the application process at least one month before the ceremony is to take place.

3. Required documentation

Please note that all the documentation must be original. If it is written in any other language than English or Greek, make sure to have translations sealed and made by the relevant authorities.

To apply for a wedding, you need to bring all the papers to Cyprus and hand them over to the Marriage Officer at least 3 days before the scheduled ceremony.

The following list of documents is required from both a bride and a groom.

3.1 Full valid international passport or another valid travel document;

3.2 Photocopied picture page of the passport

3.3 Photocopied picture pages for two witnesses

3.4 Full birth certificate with an apostle

3.5 Decree Absolute and previous Marriage Certificate if applicable

3.6 Death Certificate of the previous spouse and previous Marriage Certificate if applicable (for a widower)

3.7 Name Change Deed Poll Certificate if your legal name was changed

3.8 Adoption Certificate if you were adopted

3.9 A sworn affidavit or statutory declaration from a Solicitor or a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public in the UK

3.10 Non-UK citizens (as well as Scottish and Welsh citizens) also need to provide a Certificate of No Impediment / Certificate of Freedom to Marry bearing the stamp apostille: this document is to verify your single status and your right to marry.

4. How to get married in 2 steps

You have to spend at least 3 days in Cyprus prior to the ceremony.

Step 1

Bring the originals of all the required papers to the Municipality of your choice and pay the stamp duty. Note that it is considerably cheaper if you bring the documents and apply 15 or more days before the date of the marriage.

Step 2. The ceremony

Be sure to remind your witnesses to bring their international passports to the ceremony. You will receive a Certificate of Marriage (in English): read it thoroughly and check if all the names are spelled correctly. You can purchase a copy of the Certificate for an additional fee. Your marriage license will be valid in your home country.

Civil and religious ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are usually organized through wedding coordinators and held either in a town hall or a hotel if it has a special wedding room. There is also a number of thematic outdoor venues that can host the event.

Anglican and Catholic religious ceremonies are conducted in chapels (which are often located on the territory of popular hotels). Please remember that the Catholic religious ceremony is not legally binding unless the civil ceremony had taken place before.

Hope you have a fantastic wedding and a happy marriage!

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