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Cyprus Waterfalls
Cyprus Waterfalls
The most beautiful places to visit on the island
Dmitry Gridin
Author: Dmitry Gridin
Translation: Maria Charnaya

When temperatures are soaring and it’s starting to feel like your skin is baking, it might just be the right time to start looking for a more refreshing alternative to the coast. For those who find themselves thinking these thoughts we recommend going on a tour of Cyprus waterfalls — most of which are located in the Troodos Mountains.

The tour is relatively brief — takes less than a day to visit most of the waterfalls. We have put together a compilation of all the waterfalls, so you can choose which ones you’d like to explore and in what order.


Caledonia Waterfalls

Caledonia Waterfalls, Cyprus

These are the most well-known waterfalls in Cyprus, measuring 13 meters high. The waterfalls are located north of Platres village. You can easily spot Caledonia thanks to the large parking lot located next to the highway. The parking lot is almost always packed full of cars — so much so that drivers are often forced to park on the adjacent road.

There is a trout factory located nearby and a restaurant where you can stop to enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish. We recommend doing so on your way back from the waterfalls, so you can fuel up after your trip.

It is not possible to reach Caledonia by car directly. There is a path running from the restaurant to the waterfall, which you will have to take to get there. It’s about 2 kilometers to your destination, which you will have to walk uphill, so by the time you reach it you will likely be quite hot. Luckily, you can cool off by taking a quick dip in the waterfall.

Caledonia’s popularity stems mainly from its beauty and the trail leading up to the waterfall is probably a major part of it. Impressive boulders, bulging roots and strawberry trees — make the route a great experience on its own. The trail to the waterfall is also part of a larger hiking trail known as “Caledonia falls trail”. This means that there is an additional way to reach Caledonia, namely, by starting at the car park off of the B6 road. This route will be just as scenic, but significantly more rigorous thanks to the steep climb.


Millomeri Waterfalls

Millomeri Waterfalls, Cyprus

Millomeri is one of the highest natural waterfalls on the island, measuring 15 meters high. It is also one of the easiest to visit. You can get almost all the way up to the waterfall itself by car by following signs and exiting off of the B8 road. It’s a straightforward walk from there. Because it is located close to many tourist hotspots in the Troodos, Millomeri is usually quite crowded. This means that you might have a hard time finding a parking spot.

Similar to Caledonia, there are two trails leading up to Millomeri. One of the trails is mentioned above, while the other trail starts in Platres village. It is a longer and more challenging hike, which takes about half an hour from the parking lot.

An important detail: if you are coming from Limassol and using your GPS device, keep in mind that it will take you to the longer trail. So if you are not up for a thirty minute walk, then make sure you select the first trail off of the B8 road. Otherwise, it will take you a long time to get from one trail to the other.


Chantara Waterfall

Chantara Waterfall, Cyprus

This is the third most popular waterfall in the Troodos. It is smaller than the previous ones, measuring only 8 meters high. There is a road leading up to it, albeit unpaved and narrow. Chantara is located far away from the main mountain roads and about 1.5 kilometers from Foini village. This is probably why despite being just as picturesque as the other waterfalls, there are significantly fewer tourists here.

Chantara is a tiered waterfall. The distance between the car park and the first tier is only a hundred meters. To reach the second tier take the path going up. You will see a small lake when you reach the top.

But if you are looking for a more “advanced-level” hike, take the trail from the Trooditissa Monastery, which runs for about 3.5 kilometers.


Mesa Potamos Waterfalls

Mesa Potamos Waterfalls, Cyprus

Mesa Potamos is also located in the Troodos, but unlike the other waterfalls, it is scarcely as popular. You will rarely see any tourists here, since it is not a tourist destination on its own. It measures 7 meters high and sits far away from major roads.

Mesa Potamos is not worth a separate trip. But if you want to go to the mountains for a picnic, then this is the place for you, since there is a special picnic area right at the foot of the waterfall. You can barbecue while enjoying the soft murmur of Mesa Potamos.


Green Valley Falls

Green Valley Falls, Cyprus

If you are driving to Troodos from Limassol, you will most likely spot the numerous billboards inviting drivers to visit the Green Valley Falls. It almost sounds like it's Niagara Falls.

In fact, however, Green Valley is a relatively small waterfall with a convenient trail leading up to it. Its distinctive characteristic is the fact that one needs to buy a ticket to see it (5 euros).

So don’t be fooled by the ads that claim the Green Valley is the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Cyprus. In our opinion, it is not worth the admission fee. Instead, we suggest that you drive a little further up to any of the other waterfalls in the area that are free to enjoy.


 Kakopetria Waterfalls

Kakopetria Village, Cyprus

This is the last Troodos waterfall on our list. It is located in a village of the same name. Kakopetria is a small waterfall and is not worth a separate trip either. However, the village of Kakopetria is quite fascinating. It is what people call a representation of “old Cyprus” with its quaint hotels, excellent footpaths and panoramic views. So the best option would be to visit the village and stop by the waterfall, located right in its center, while you are at it.


Paradision Waterfalls


According to the residents of the nearby Trozena village, Paradision is the best waterfall in Cyprus. The residents include only people — a husband and a wife. They are in fact a very friendly couple. So if you find yourself in the area, do stop by to meet them.

Paradision is located far from any city in Cyprus. It is equally far from any forrest, sea or major roads. It other words, it is a remote location.

One way to find Paradision is by driving from the sparsely populated village of Trozena to the abandoned village of Gerovasa. If you are driving along the river, turn to your left and keep an eye out for it. Depending on the season the waterfall might either look like an inconspicuous trickle or a gushing stream.

Paradision’s distinctive feature is that it flows right from the ground.

Once again, don’t come here if the waterfall is the only thing you intend on seeing. But it is worth a visit if you also plan to see Trozena and Gerovasa.


Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Adonis Baths Waterfalls, Cyprus

If you want to see the waterfall and go for a swim there, you will have to pay 9 euros for admission. Whether it is worth it or not is up to you to decide. In our opinion, Adonis is neither beautiful nor worthy of the price. But if you disagree, then head to the village of Killi to see it.


Kritou Terra Waterfalls


Kritou Terra Waterfalls are located in the outskirts of Polis, in a rural, unremarkable setting where nothing seems to give away this true Cypriot gem.

You can find Kritou Terra by exiting off of the B7 route and heading towards the village of Kritou Terra. Stop when you are about halfway to the village and take the road that branches out and looks almost impossible to drive on. But if you are a careful driver, you’ll be fine. It’s about one kilometer to a parking space, where you can leave your car. Nearby you will see a small waterfall with a picnic area. It is a waterfall deep enough to swim in, if you like.

But if you take the narrow path with a sign that reads “Waterfalls”, you should reach the real local wonder. The waterfall that awaits you at the end of the path is the most beautiful in Cyprus.

Water pours down like rain and runs down ancient moss-covered trees. There is a small cave nearby, which is home to freshwater crabs.

Even though Kritou Terra is located quite far away, we strongly recommend that you find time to come here. We guarantee that the place will impress you.

There is, however, one minor flaw — with only one trash can, the area is pretty littered. But if you can manage to ignore this aspect, everything else is perfect.



This list is far from complete — there are many other waterfalls on the island. In addition to that, heavy rainfall tends to create lone waterfalls here and there. But these are hardly worth a visit. Everything you need to see to have a great time is listed above.

And as a special bonus, here is our Top-3 destinations:

  1. Kritou Terra — definitely our favorite.
  2. Millomeri — if you have little time, but are craving the experience.
  3. Chantara — few tourists, but still picturesque.