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Antigone Katsouri Malekkou: Life to the Beat of the Sun
Antigone Katsouri Malekkou
Life to the Beat of the Sun
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Jordan Worsley

Vibrant and emotional, — Antigone sets her listeners’ moods for the entire day. She’s in the know about all things and events. To many in the country, she’s both a famous media figure and a radio personality…
Please welcome Antigone Katsouri Malekkou “B”, a DJ, radio producer, co-host of the Wake Up Show, Limassol Choice FM radio host [1] and our guest for today.
Country: Greece – Cyprus

While I was born on the beautiful island of Corfu, in Greece, my father is a Cypriot, so Cyprus is my homeland too. Some fantastic memories have stayed with me from my childhood. I think it has been one of the most significant chapters in my life. In my early years, of course, there was a large “selection” of professions which I liked at the time. I could’ve been, for instance: a singer, doctor… or even a ballerina.

Whatever the case, both my love for music and the hours I spent effortlessly listening to the radio helped me realise that music had to be an important part of my life down the road — my profession.

Being both half Greek and half Cypriot, I often came to Cyprus as a child, just as I do today. My family later decided to move to the island permanently, and so I’ve been living here for more than 20 years.

Antigoni Katsouri Malekku

You know, Greece and Cyprus have so much in common: the cuisine, the weather and of course, the mindset of their people. Because of this, my life didn’t change much with my move here.

I began my career as a producer here in Cyprus, where I’ve also obtained a lot of great opportunities to develop on my own in the industry. There have always been people nearby who have believed in me and given me the chance to grow further and achieve more.

For the past six years, I have been working as a radio producer at Kiss Fm 89.0 Cyprus. It’s a challenging, but at the same time, rewarding job. I’ve always had the opportunity here to speak with and interview many singers, actors and other celebrities; as well as get to know professionals from the music sphere.

I value every minute spent on the air and being able to put on my favourite music. But what do I like the most in my job? I reckon the opportunity to communicate with people practically all over the world, with the aid of the magic which our favourite music bestows upon us.

Love and people always inspire me. In general, life as it is, in all its manifestations, is the most potent form of inspiration.

I love films, so much so that researching different genres has turned into an actual hobby. On top of that, I also like to study foreign languages.

Up to now, not surprisingly, I’m able to speak fluently in English, German, French and Italian… My next port of call is to learn Spanish and possibly Russian.

So many places exist in the world, all which I’d like to visit: Italy and Spain, for instance, as well as countries further afield from us. I have always loved to travel abroad and can say there still hasn’t been a country that has failed to amaze me with its customs and culture. Evidently, because I accept and respect the traditions of the places I visit, right from the beginning.

As for Cyprus, there’s nothing you can’t like here! It’s a stunning island, with wonderful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The weather is always sunny, and it's scorching in the summertime. The local cuisine is also delicious. You could say that Cyprus is the ideal place to take a holiday. I particularly like how you can combine a relaxing break with a large number of insightful excursions across the island. I believe the best chance to relax is to head for the sea and listen to your favourite music there or read some books.

To everyone who’d like to visit Cyprus, I wish you a magnificent summer holiday here, full of joy, laughter and music :)

The Cypriot people are a friendly, hospitable bunch. Therefore, if you decide to become one of them — to adapt to their local culture and become a “true Cypriot” — it won't be hard. I advise island guests first visit the beautiful beaches in Protaras. It’s there in particular where you’re able to enjoy the ideal combination of golden sands and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean.

Antigoni Katsouri Malekku

[1] For those who wants to hear one of Antigoni life broadcasts on Choice FM, she goes on air 9 to 11 from Monday to Friday.