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Adonis Baths
Adonis Baths
Visiting the Greek Gods
Translation: Maria Charnaya

Spring is in the air! And Cyprus is no exception. Just picture this: everything is green, almond trees are in bloom, giant fields are covered in red poppies, there is a warm breeze and the sun is shining bright.

Sightseeing is especially pleasant in the spring. We have chosen what we think is the most interesting place to visit — Adonis Baths. It turns out that reaching the baths is not as easy as we thought. We woke up early, stopped by our favorite Sigma cafe for croissants and hit the road.

We started out in Limassol, passed by Paphos and headed towards Koili. It didn’t take us long to get there, but we still had 6 very tough kilometers left to go. We had to drive down a steep, unsurfaced road. We went very slowly. It was hot and the smell of brake pads filled the car. Then finally we saw a giant head emerge from the greenery. We stopped. Took a good look at it and realized that the head was that of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. We went back to driving, but with more enthusiasm this time. Three kilometers later the road ended and we had to drive over a creek. It wasn’t a problem since the creek was quite shallow. It even felt like our car thanked us for cooling down its hot tires. We left our car in a parking lot and headed towards the baths.

We were greeted by a large statue of Zeus at the entrance. Tickets cost 9 euros, but since we only had dollars on us, we offered $20, which the owner accepted.

Скульптуры греческих богов, купальни Адониса, Кипр

We weren’t particularly impressed with the place at first. It looked like an average cafe. But then we ended up at a small, but very authentic museum dedicated to Cypriot household life. And then past the museum we finally saw the first waterfall with sculptures of various Greek gods, including Adonis and Aphrodite. Parents should be prepared for sensitive questions, since some of the sculptures are truly quite erotic.

There is a carved wooden staircase hiding among the trees that takes you it to the second waterfall, which is surrounded by flowers and lush grass, where one can easily spot a lizard. It is a spectacular sight: a waterfall in the mountains with a natural pool of crystal clear water.

Standing there among pristine nature with birds chirping in the back and the waterfall humming its gentle tune I felt time stop for a moment. If it weren’t for the sunbeds, I would think that the place was completely untouched by men.

We obviously couldn't resist going for a swim. The emerald green water felt cold at first, but as we got used to it, it felt more relaxing. Nearby is a rope swing for those who want to have some fun.

Adonis baths are not just a popular sightseeing destination, but also a magical place. This is how a tourist flyer describes the baths: «Women, who come to Adonis are visibly transformed. They become younger, more beautiful and even get their virginity back! Women who touch Adonis’s private parts are sure to become pregnant». So keep that in mind.

By the way, there is an amphitheater close to the parking lot, where Aphrodite herself is said to have come to sing when she was sad. Legend has it that Adonis baths were her respite from the tumult of Mount Olympus.

It is still a great place to come to if you are looking for a break from the chaos of city life. Adonis baths are a very scenic place. A true oasis of serenity that is usually avoided by the tourists. Nature feels completely untouched and the various legends that surround this place make for a particularly mysterious experience.