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Trahana soup

Trahana soup

Trahana soup is an island special. It is made from goat milk, local wheat groats, lemon juice (which, to be fair, Cypriots add in almost all dishes they make), species and, sometimes, chicken meat.

Trahana soup preparation is also unusual. Cypriots cook it thick, to reach almost wheat cream consistency, then cool it down, model it into something like small sausages and dry them. Before serving trahana sausages are poured over with boiling water and seasoned with yogurt and grated Halloumi cheese. If you decide not to «dry» trahana and eat it immediately it will also taste perfect.


Chicken broth

Goat milk

Wheat groats

Halloumi cheese

Lemon juice

Garlic and spices to taste

Cooking method

To make trahana soup at home, buy several dried tarhana sausages at the farm market or village-style shop in Cyprus: 1-2 sausages usually make one serving. Soak tarhana sausages in cold water for one night. Then prepare chicken broth and take the meat out. Add soaked tarhana sausages and chopped chicken meat to the broth, bring it to the boil and cook until it looks like very thick milk-wheat soup. Add lemon juice and grated Halloumi cheese before serving.