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Grape Lemonade

Grape Lemonade

The mother of my friend Panayotis was so kind to share her signature recipe of mint grape lemonade with me. This rich on C vitamin fresh drink is perfect for a summer heat. It’s a healthy and simple recipe with the preparation time of 20 minutes.


2 l drinking water

2-4 glass of sugar (at taste)

800 g red or black grapes

50 g fresh mint

juice of 1 lime squeezed

1 lemon cut in slices

ice cubes for serving

Cooking method
  1. Cut the lime in slices and grain together with mint and sugar.
  2. Add mashed grapes and fill with water.
  3. Let the drink stay for 4 hours minimum (for 6 hours would be even better).

You can strain the drink before serving if you want. Serve in glasses with a few ice cubes. Your fresh vitamin-rich drink is ready!

I’ve tried this recipe by myself and it is one of my favourite drinks to save the day now!