Lockdown is a club for those who enjoy extreme forms of entertainment. The club is located in Paphos and offers a different game scenario based on your level of preparedness (from beginner to advanced). Visitors can choose between playing a two-people game (lasts one hour) or participating in a group quest. The three different room types are:

  • Pirates: the quest is based on the story of Captain Jack Pigeon, who needs help on board his pirate ship. Jack needs to find a hidden treasure. The team has one hour in which to locate the treasure and solve the mystery.
  • Tombs of the Kings: players become part of an elite team of archeologists on a mission to uncover the truth behind mysterious incidents at the Tombs of the Kings
  • Virus: the team has to find a cure for a terrible virus and save humanity

There is a game master who can provide you with assistance in case you need it. The team can have between 2-6 players.

The game lets to spend quality time with your friends, while solving fun puzzles and unraveling mysteries.

Please book your game in advance by calling the club.