Kourion is an archeological monument located southwest of the coast of Cyprus approximately 11 kilometers west of Limassol.

It is a city-state built in the 12th century BC on a cliff overlooking the sea. It existed until the Middle Ages, having been owned by the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Kourion currently includes the following sites: the Roman Agora, the House of Achilles, the House of Gladiators, Kourion Theater, Public Baths and the Eustolios House, Early Christian Basilica, the Sanctuary of Apollon Hylates, Kourion’s Stadium, the Small Basilica.

Visitors can enjoy the ancient mosaics and learn the way these houses were built and run. They can also walk through the ruins of the ancient Sanctuary of Apollon. The Kourion Theater regularly holds performances.

The park is open all year round.