The ruins of the ancient city of Kition are located in the northern part of Larnaca. The city-state of Kition was discovered by British scientists in 1879 and belongs to the Bronze Age.

It was the center of the Phoenician and Mycenaean civilizations.  Mycenaean Greeks had built huge walls and temples here, including the Temple of Goddess Astarte. After the departure of the Mycenaeans Kition went into decline, but then rebounded with the arrival of the Phoenicians, who brought with them crafts, sea trade and a rich culture. Ships began to line the port of Kition, bringing new goods and leaving with copper. But after ruling the island for several centuries, Phoenicians lost it to the Persians, who then lost it to Alexander the Great.

The archeological digs have unearthed valuable artifacts, copper-made objects, tombs and burials shrines. Today these finds are part of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia and the Larnaca Archeological Museum, which is located near the excavation site.

The excavation site is open to visitors.