Hala Sultan Tekke is on the bank of Larnaca Salt Lake. The mosque was built at the burial place of Umm Haram, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad.

The complex of buildings includes a mosque, a mausoleum, a minaret, and a beautiful garden with fountains and (separate women's and men's) accommodation for servants and dervishes on pilgrimage (the former inhabitants). The eastern part of the complex houses a graveyard where Turkish governors from Larnaca and the whole of Cyprus are buried.

Following the Turkish invasion of 1974 and the subsequent division of Cyprus, the mosque ceased to operate. Services are held only twice a year on major holidays: Kurban-Bayram (Eid – the Feast of the Sacrifice) and Uraza-Bayram (Eid al-Fitr — the Feast of Breaking Fasting after Ramadn). On these days, pilgrims gather in the mosque.

In order to visit the mosque, women must dress modestly and wear a headscarf. Entrance to the complex is free.

The complex has a cafe that serves Eastern and Cypriot cuisine, where you can have a bite to eat.