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Ways to avoid summer cold

Ways to avoid summer cold

There is nothing more upsetting than to catch a flu during your vacations. First things that come to mind when we think about summer are the warmth and the sea. How is it even possible to get cold in this case? But flu could wait for you after swimming in the sea or eating your favourite ice cream. The long stay in the room with the air conditioner can cause a fever too.

Summer cold could be even worse than winter one. The warmth create comfortable environment for viruses that can lead to lung issues. It’s more difficult for the body to keep constant temperature in the heat of summer, so it could be not so easy task to low the fever. It’s better to prevent the cold in the summer than to cure it.

In this article you will find some advice about how to stay fit and healthy and enjoy your summer trip to Cyprus.

Ways to avoid summer cold

1. Mind the Air Conditioners

Of course it feels like heaven sitting under the air conditioner when it’s 30°C heat outside. But the long stay can cause flu as well. It’s not the cold air from the air conditioner what makes you sick but the sudden change in temperatures 10-15 degrees up and down. The throat and nose can get dry because of this stress that results in lowering of the immune system.

The difference of temperature ranging within ±7°C is the most comfortable for the human body. It doesn’t mean you should say no to the air conditioner, just set up the right mode when the difference between the temperature in the room and outside is not bigger than 5°C. Take some warm clothes with you to put on while being in places with working air conditioners like in the bus and the café. I remember one of my trips when I have been carrying my jeans jacket everywhere with me to put on every time I was riding a bus. Because cold was not that kind of experience I was looking forward to have.

It’s not healthy to stay right in the stream of air from the air conditioner too. Sometimes the air conditioner in the hotel room is hanged above the bed. In this case I always ask the hotel staff to move the bed somewhere else or change the room for me. You may feel uncomfortable to ask those things but I’m sure it’s better than spend your vacations with a sore throat. The impact the air conditioner can have on your body could be compared with one the draught can have.

Make sure that the filter inside the air conditioner is changed on time because the filthy filter is the perfect environment for the harmful bacteria.

2. Drink Cold Beverages Carefully

That tip is important particularly for those who have a higher predisposition to angina, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. A sip of ice-cold water cools the throat and the tonsil lowing their protective functions. Same goes for an ice cream. Of course one ice cream will not harm you but do not eat too much at once because it can decrease the targeted immunity. Let the dessert melt first.

Drink cooled spirits carefully. It’s a common belief that only soft drinks can cause cold, so it is saver to drink the spirits because of the disinfectant effect of alcohol. It is a popular misconception; there are bacteria that are alcohol resistant. Take care of yourself and keep in mind that the constantly consumption of alcohol drinks lows the immunity.

Ways to avoid summer cold

3. Do Not Stay In Water For Too Long

The adversities that could have impact on your health are the temperature of the water and the bacteria living in it. They could enter the body and cause a sinus or ear infection. However their number in the sea is way lower than in the lakes for example. On the other side the seawater contains about 70 different microelements so it can be good for the health and work as a treat for the runny nose. I myself haven’t tried it but my friends told me that a seawater nasal douche really helps with the cold.

The change of temperatures also affects the health. You can get cold in the situations when you are sunbathing on the beach for hours and than splash into the cool sea. This is happening because of the sharp narrowing of the vessels that were dilated during your stay I the sun. Let your body to adapt to the changing temperature by going in the water slowly. After the swimming dry yourself using a towel.

Avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks if you plan to go swimming or sunbathing. Like other anesthetics, alcohol dulls the senses and you will not notice the moment you will freeze in the water or get a heat stroke.

4. Help Your Body to Adapt

The change of the climate zone is a stress especially when you are travelling to the warm countries. It could take a few days to get over the jet lag. The immune system at this time is weaker and it’s easy to get sick. Postpone sport activities and excursions for a while. Take your time and use the first half of your vacation for relaxing, so you recharge before starting to discover a new country. You can read more about tips for overcoming jet lag here.

There is a risk to get sick on board of the aircraft especially during the long flight. If you already have cold, the low pressure could make the symptoms even worse. Make sure you have all the necessary meds like nasal and throat sprays as well as antibacterial wipes. Chewing a gum will help you to reduce the influence of the low pressure by the landing and take off.

Ways to avoid summer cold

How to Stop a Cold at the First Sign

If you didn’t follow previous advices and got a summer cold, here are some more tips how to stop it quickly.

  1. A bed rest will be good for you if you have fever, head cold and bone pain. Postpone all the excursions at least for a few days until you feel better.
  2. Drink more liquids. It could be not only water but also tea or a soup. The main thing it doesn’t be too hot. Hot liquids increase the temperature of the body; so leave that kind of a cure for winter times.
  3. Douche your nose and gargle with a special meds. That will help you to prevent the bacterial growth.

Personal Experience

I caught a really bad cold during one of my trips to Cyprus as a consequence of the jet lag. My immunity was low because the stress I felt before the trip and the symptoms of the cold were severe. The Cyprus is rich on fruits and vegetables. I might say that the local nature cured me: I’ve eaten about 1 kg of berries every day. The quality and quantity of vitamins in the imported fruits and veggies sometimes leave something to be desired, especially in the CIS countries. It’s a good idea to eat more fresh fruits in the warm countries where they are growing.

Follow these simple recommendations and may your trip be joyful and carefree!

Author: Elena Rabkina
Translation: Inna Guseva