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TV Series Premieres January 2021

TV Series Premieres January 2021

New Year begins not only with presents and fireworks but also with new TV series. What to watch in January while cuddling under a blanket — read more in our article!


New TV Series

January 3

The Watch

Genres: action, drama, fantasy

It is legal to commit crimes in Ankh-Morpork, the city where the creatures from all the Discworld live. The watchmen, who should keep order in the city, gave up this thankless task long time ago. But a newbie brings chaos in their daily routines.

TV show is based on a series of books by Terry Pratchett.


Call Me Kat

Genres: comedy

Kat is 39 years old, single and loves cats. One day she decides to take money her parents saved for her wedding and open her own cat café.


January 7


Genres: drama, crime

After 32 years of work as a border guard between US and Mexico Ben Clemens finds himself helping those, he should keep away from the border in the line of his duty.


Mr. Mayor

Genres: comedy

A successful businessman thinks that he can fulfill himself only if he becomes a politician. So he wins an election and becomes a new mayor of Los Angeles. Now he faces new challenges while he is trying to figure out relationship with his family.


Heaven's Design Team / Tenchi Souzou Design-bu

Genres: comedy, fantasy

A customer is usually a capricious being. Especially since your customer is a god. Especially when he has two days for creating different animals for the world and not all the options work for him. This anime will tell a story about daily routines of Heaven Design office, which main service is to create new animals.


January 8


Genres: crime, drama, mystery

Arsine Lupin is a successful gentleman-thief. The plot follows the story of his crimes in XIX century.

The series is based on books by Maurice Leblanc.


January 9

Project Scard: Praeter no Kizu

Genres: action

Anime will tell a story about a world that has superheroes. The powers of animals and gods are hidden in the tattoos.

Anarchy is out in force in Akatsuki, a special district of Tokyo ruled by three gangs of superhumans. “Helios” use their tattoos to protect the city, “Artemis” is a commercial security company and “Public Security Special Service” is an equivalent of a police department.


January 10


Genres: sport

Reki is a fan of skateboarding. But it’s not enough for him just to skate, he prefers something more extreme. So he wants to take part in “S” — a secret and dangerous skateboard racing, which takes place in an abandoned mine. When Langa, a student from abroad, is transferred to Reki’s class, they both decide to attend the competition.


Kemono Jihen

Genres: mystery, action, fantasy

Strange events start to happen in a small village far away in the mountains. Kohati Igunami, a private detective who specializes on occult cases, comes to the village for investigation. The more he discovers about the mysteries of the village, the more he is convinced that some supernatural powers are involved in it.


January 13

Call Your Mother

Genres: comedy

This is a sitcom about a mother, who starts to realize how lonely she is while all of her grown up children are living their lives miles away from her.


January 15


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi

Wanda and Vision are living an idyllic life of newlywed in a small town called Westview. Little by little they realize that their perfect life is in fact one big lie.


January 21


Genres: drama, crime, western

Walker has been working undercover for 2 years. Now he and his children return back to their hometown in Texas and he understands that his work is not over yet. So he and his partner start to fight against local criminals.


January 22

3 Caminos

Genres: adventure

2000, 2006, 2021. Three years, three roads, three phases in the lives of several people. All of them are having friends, going through losses, experiencing love and jealousy, bravery and despair, forgiveness and bliss while searching for the meaning of their lives.


Fate: The Winx Saga

Genres: drama, adventure, fantasy

It’s a story about the adventures of young witch named Bloom, who attends Alfea — a school for fairies located in Magix, in the Otherworld.

It’s a film adaptation of the animation movie “Winx Club” from 2004.


January 27


Genres: drama

A hitman decides to betray his bosses but he need a save place to wait out the storm. He chooses an abandoned atelier, where he is mistaken for a son of the previous owner by locals. Now he needs to continue playing a role of a tailor if he doesn’t want to get caught.


Resident Alien

Genres: comedy, drama, adventure, sci-fi

Harry is an alien that crash-landed on the planet Earth. To escape the capture by military he pretends to be a doctor from a small town in Colorado. While Harry is still getting used to his new role, he tries to figure out if the humankind is worth to be saved.


Without a certain release date

Wonder Egg Priority

Genres: slice of life

The creator team is keeping secret the plot of the anime.


New Seasons of TV Shows

January 3

Last Man Standing, Season 9

Genres: comedy

Mike is a successful sales manager who runs all the things at work. But it’s the opposite at home — his wife and three daughters are those whole rule there. A story about how Mike tries to keep his masculinity in the modern “women’s world”.

The ninth and final season will show Mike and his wife copying with coronavirus pandemics and Mike’s imminent dismissal.


The Rookie, Season 3

Genres: comedy, drama, crime

John Nolan decides to turn over a new leaf after a life-changing event. He joins the police of Los Angeles, but his colleagues seem to be skeptical about it — he is not so young anymore to start a career. But his savvy and sense of humour are here to help during tough times while he is on duty.

The details of the new season are kept secret.


January 5

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Season 2

Genres: comedy, drama, musical

After an accident Zoey discovers she has an extraordinary ability — she can hear thoughts of other people. And what is more — these thoughts sound like songs in her head. So now Zoey’s life seems more like a musical.

The events that will be shown in the second season start few weeks after Zoey’s father funeral. The creators of the show promised to reveal more details about the source of the power the girl has and continue the story about love triangle between Zoey, Max and Simon.


Beastars, Season 2

Genres: drama

An alternative world that is populated by anthropomorphic animals. Predators and herbivores can live side by side and even go to the same school. The main character is a wolf called Legoshi, who looks like a bully. But in fact he has very shy and modest personality. One day a cruel murder happens on the territory of the Legoshi’s school that causes a distrust of predators. Exactly at the same time Legoshi meets someone he gets warm feelings for.

The second season will continue to follow the original manga plot the anime is based on. Viewers are promised more action and except that — to shed some light on the real murderer of Tem.


January 7

Yuru Camp, Season 2

Genres: comedy

Every year Rin goes to the foot of mountain Fuji where he pitches a tent and lives a life of a hermit feeding on gifts of nature. This is where he meets Nadeshiko — a strange girl, who comes to take a look at Fujiyama only because its picture is on the one thousand yens banknote.


January 8

Dickinson, Season 2

Genres: comedy, drama, biography

It’s a biographical TV series about the life of Emily Dickinson.


Cobra Kai, Season 3

Genres: comedy, drama, action

Johnny Lawrence can’t brag with his life. He thinks that his last chance for success is to re-open an infamous karate school “Cobra Kai”. He gets to know Daniel LaRusso, who tries to live his life according to his teacher’s precepts. Together they will re-open the school trying to sort out some things about their past in the process.

Third season will start with showing the viewers consequences of the fight that happened at the school in the final of the last season. Daniel is searching for answers in his past and Johnny is seeking for the redemption. Chris keeps manipulating the students by enforcing his aggressive views.


A Discovery of Witches, Season 2

Genres: drama, melodrama, fantasy

Diana is a historian. And also she comes from a line of witches. During her work she discovers a magical manuscript that turns her life into a nightmare. Fate brings her and a geneticist Matthew together. The only trouble is that he is a vampire and witches should have never trust vampires.

The plot of the new season will start in a completely different time — in England during the reign of the Queen Elizabeth. Diana has to find someone who could teach her magic and also — the Book of Life, which could prevent the extinction of all the magical creatures in the future.


Promised Neverland / Yakusoku no Neverland, Season 2

Genres: drama, mystery, thriller, fantasy

Only the smartest children of the generation live in Grace Field House. A kind “Mama”, who cares for them creates an atmosphere of happiness and safety. But one day Norman and Emma discover something they shouldn’t know about. Now they need to figure out how to escape from the house they used to love before.

New season will show more details about the actual world the main characters live in and reveal the secrets surrounding a mysterious man called William Minerva.


January 11

American Gods, Season 3

Genres: drama, mystery, fantasy

Shadow Moon spent three years in jail dreaming to go back to his beloved wife and life a peaceful life again. But after he is released from prison he discovers that his wife and his best friend both died in a car accident. And what is even worse — they had a love affair. Completely lost, Shadow accepts a job offer from a stranger who he met during his flight back home.
TV show is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman.

In the third season Shadow Moon tries to start a completely new life in Wisconsin hoping to avoid the fate his father — a Scandinavian God Odin predicted to him.


Non Non Biyori Nonstop, Season 3

Genres: comedy

Hotaru Ichijou and her parents move to a small village, which citizens are unfamiliar with life in a big city. Hotaru gets used to the new routines of countryside and makes new friends.

In the third season a new character will be introduced to the audience — Shinoda Akane, a high school freshman, who plays flute in the school orchestra.


January 12

The Resident, Season 4

Genres: drama

It’s a TV series about a team of doctors, their professional and private life stories.

The wedding of Conrad and Nicolette opens the fourth season. Chastain will change his job in private hospital for a state hospital and Dr. Bell will continue searching for his stepson while sinking deep in his past.


Prodigal Son, Season 2

Genres: drama, mystery, crime

Malcolm Bright is one of the best criminal profilers working in police. The secret of his success is that his father is a serial killer nicknamed the Surgeon. So Malcolm consults with him on some of his cases.

Further details of the second season are not revealed but it could be expected the creators will continue to discuss a philosophical question: could evil be passed on? The viewers will be left to wonder if they see Malcolm’s mental health getting worse or he stays stable.


Two Sentence Horror Stories, Season 3

Genres: horror

This is an anthology horror series discovering new faces of nightmares that could happen on any ordinary day.


January 13

Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan, Season 4

Genres: action, adventure, fantasy

Long time ago a group of powerful knights called “The Seven Deadly Sins” was accused in conspiring against the king. They were executed by the Holy Knights but there are rumours they survived and are hiding among people now. Ten years later the Holy Knights started a palace coup and seized the power in the country. Elizabeth, the youngest daughter of the king went on a trip searching for “The Seven Deadly Sins” in order to return the throne to the rightful ruler.

The Seven Deadly Sins had to split up again after the throne of Camelot was won by the Ten Commandments and the king escaped. In the new season Sins should team up again to fight against the demons.


Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai, Season 3

Genres: action, adventure, fantasy

Several dozens of thousands of gamers got trapped in an online game named “Elder Tale”. Now they use might and magic for living instead of playing. Shiroe and his best friend Naotsugu together confront those who think they allowed to do everything they want now.


January 15

Servant, Season 2

Genres: drama, thriller, horror

Turner family from Philadelphia copes with a sorrowful event — the loss of their child. Dorothy escapes reality and begins to take care of a very realistic doll. She even hires a babysitter for her new “child”. But strange events start to occur in the house since she came.

After a tense final of the first season even more scary supernatural events connected with Leanne’s true identity are waiting for the viewers.


January 17

Batwoman, Season 2

Genres: action, adventure, crime

Kate Kane returns back to Gotham after her failing in the army. Her hometown lost its last defender — Batman and Kate has to assume the responsibilities of a new guard of the city.
A new main character will to take over the role of Batwoman because Kate Kane is missing and no one knows where she is. Will she be back and continue to defend Gotham as usual?


January 18

9-1-1, Season 4

Genres: action, drama, thriller

This is a story about tough and dangerous daily routines of 911 services: ambulance, firemen and policemen. Every day they do their duty by risking their lives.

In the new season we will see how the main characters manage to adapt to a new world — world of Covid-19 pandemics. Athena will cope with PTSD and probably start visiting a therapist and Maddie and Chimney prepare to the birth.


All American, Season 3

Genres: drama, sport

Spencer is a promising American football player and star of a school, which is located in a crime-ridden area. One day a trainer from one of Beverly Hills schools invites him to join their team and Spencer accepts the offer. New prospects are opened for him now but he feels like a stranger among his new classmates.

TV show is inspired by a real life story of professional football player Spencer Paysinger.


9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2

Genres: action, drama, thriller

Owen Strand, a fireman from New York City and his son move to Austin, where Owen falls in love with the head of a local hospital — Michelle Blake.

In the new season big changes happened in the rescue service team — Michelle resigned from her post and Tommy Vega took her place what affected the whole team. Also the main characters will face a public health crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic.


January 20

Nancy Drew, Season 2

Genres: drama, horror, fantasy

Nancy plans to move and go to a college and until then she has a part time job in a local café. But a mysterious murder happens in the town and Nancy and few acquaintances of her are under suspicion now. Together they decide to solve this case to clear themselves.

Based on a series of books by Carolyn Keen.

Second season will be a direct sequel of the first one. Nancy and her biological father will try to fix their relationship while she will work by her stepfather at his legal practice. But the affairs in her family will lead her to a difficult choice: she has to choose only one of her fathers.


Riverdale, Season 5

Genres: drama, mystery, crime

Archie Andrew and a group of his teen friends investigate mysteries of their hometown, which is not as peaceful as it seems to be at first glance.

TV series is based on a famous comics series from 1940es.

New season tells about events that will take place seven years after the final episodes of the fourth one. However fans of school days stories should not be worried, the creators promised to show the prom and a lot of dramatic events that happened during it. Also it expected to be a crossover episode with Katy Keene series.


January 21

Legacies, Season 3

Genres: drama, adventure, fantasy

TV show about an extraordinary school, which students are werewolves, vampires and witches. It’s a spin-off of “The Originals”.

It’s too early to speak about the plot of the new season of “Legacies” but already in the previous one we’ve got a hint from the creators team that we can expect the return of Kai Parker.


January 24

Charmed, Season 3

Genres: drama, fantasy

After a tragic death of their mother three sisters find out they have magical powers.

It’s a remake of the TV show from 1998.


January 25

Snowpiercer, Season 2

Genres: action, drama, sci-fi

Far future. The world turned into an ice desert. The rest of humanity lives in a train constantly going in rounds. A strict hierarchy is established there: no one from the lower class is able to join the elite.

In the final of the previous season they showed the second train, which is under control of Mr. Wilford, a billionaire, whose company built the trains. In the second season he will try to regain power over all the trains and the passenger have to choose between joining him and supporting Andre Layton’s revolt.


January 26

Mixed-ish, Season 2

Genres: comedy

Rainbow was born in a mixed-up family — her father Paul is white and her mother Alicia is black. First twelve years of her life she and her family lived in a hippie commune that was dispersed afterwards. So they have to move to a quiet suburb and get used to new life they do not fit into.


Without a certain release date

Search Party, Season 4

Genres: comedy, drama, crime

It’s a black comedy about group of friends teamed up to find their missing acquaintance.

Third season ended with an unexpected cliffhanger — a crazy stalker kidnapped Dory. In the new season the parted team will reunite once more time this time — to search for Dory.


Yami Shibai, Season 8

Genres: horror

It’s an anthology anime based on Japanese urban legends, rumours and myths.


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Season 2, Part 2

Genres: drama, thriller, fantasy

Subaru Natsuki suddenly finds himself in a parallel world. He is attacked right after he gets there. Emilia helps him to defense and he immediately teams up with her. The trouble is that they get killed as soon as he moves ahead in his investigation what exactly is going on. But Subaru has a special power — he returns at the same moment in his past.


Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, Season 2

Genres: sci-fi, adventure

On one unremarkable day a bright flash stopped the history of the humankind by turning all people into stones. After few thousand years high school student Taiju wakes up from his stone sleep and finds himself in the middle of the jungle that grows now in the modern city. But he is lucky to run into his friend Senkuu, a devoted science fan. Together they plan to bring the civilization back to live and establish the rule of science in the world.

In the second season viewers will see an open confrontation between Senkuu’s science kingdom and Tsukasa’s Empire. Also we can expect the return of Taiju and Yuzuhira who had to become Senkuu’s spies among Tsukasa’s people.

Author: Kira Shmeleva
Translation: Inna Guseva