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Film Premieres January 2021

Film Premieres January 2021

New Year, new hopes, new film premieres. What movies will open 2021 — read more in our review!


January 1

Escape Room 2

Genres: action, horror, sci-fi

It’s a sequel to “Escape Room”. First movie tells a story about six strangers, who became trapped in a maze full of dangerous traps.

Further details about the new film are kept secret.


Seitokai Yakuindomo: The Movie 2

Genres: comedy, slice of life

This is a continuation of adventures of student council’s four members. All the events are happening three years after those in the first movie.


January 7

Pieces of Woman

Genres: drama

Marta lives through the death of her child because of the complications during childbirth. Meanwhile she tries to figure out her complicated relationships with her mother and her husband.


January 8

I Carry You with Me

Genres: drama

An ambitious chef from Mexico moves to New York City to avoid stigma and make a career. He has to leave his lover for his dream.


The Devil’s Light

Genres: horror, thriller

A nun is asked to perform an exorcist ritual. She faces a sinister evil entity, which is connected with her past.



Genres: comedy, drama

Aziz is a middle-aged man unsatisfied with his life. The relationship with his girlfriend played out, his work doesn’t bring him any joy and his sister with her family occupied his own apartment. One day Aziz gets a chance to change everything but he has to lie for that.


Gintama. The Final

Genres: action, comedy, drama, sci-fi

It’s a final movie of the famous anime “Gintama” — a sci-fi parody about the last samurai in the world conquered by aliens.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal. Movie 1

Genres: romance, fantasy

It’s the fourth movie after reboot of a classical anime about the girls-warriors. After a solar eclipse few mysterious guests come to Earth — Helios, an unicorn, who is looking for two chosen ones, and a group called “Dead Moon Circus”, whose goal is to spread living nightmares all over the world.


January 12

Redemption Day

Genres: action

A story about an American foot soldier, who finds way into a terrorist base to release the hostages.


January 15

Wrath of a Man [Cash Truck]

Genres: action, thriller

H is a mysterious man obsessed with craving for justice. He is looking for a person, who is behind several large robberies in Los Angeles.


Gintama. The Semi-Final

Genres: action, comedy, drama, sci-fi

Another final movie of Gintama anime — a sci-fi parody about the last samurai in the world conquered by aliens.


January 22

Chaos Walking

Genres: adventure, sci-fi

Far future. An unknown virus killed all the women on the planet. Todd lives with his parents on the other planet. Every person on it can hear others’ thoughts, so secrets have no place in this world. Until one day Todd finds a place of absolute science and the only girl living there.


The White Tiger

Genres: drama

The plot is following an ambitious driver, who tries to break the cycle of poverty with his brain and some trickery.


No Man’s Land

Genres: action, adventure, thriller

Jackson accidentally kills a child of illegal immigrants while patrolling along the Mexico border. His father wants to take responsibility for that accident but Jackson flies to Mexico escaping the authorities of both countries. He fells in love with the country all his life he have been taught to hate while travelling through Mexico.


Breaking News In Yuba County

Genres: comedy, drama, crime

Sue Buttons’ husband goes missing and unexpectedly she becomes a local celebrity. She meets some extraordinary people during the organization of a search party for her husband: a fraud, a local strict sheriff, her husband’s slacker brother and a journalist, who dreams about writing a gripping story for the news.


January 23

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

Genres: action, drama, sci-fi

It’s the fourth and final film of “Evangelion. Final”. It will tell a story about broken Shinji Ikari, who is searching for hope on a new place and about the final battle that awaits the main characters.


January 29

The Little Things

Genres: thriller

A story of two policemen trying to track down a psycho killer.


The Night

Genres: horror, mystery, thriller

A couple from Iran becomes trapped in a hotel in US because of some unforeseen circumstances. Now they have to face secrets they keep from each other.


Finding You

Genres: drama, melodrama

Young and talented violinist Finley meets Beckett, a famous actor, while heading to a small Ireland village for her study, and they fell in love for each other. Together they go on an adventure that will change them both forever.

Author: Kira Shmeleva
Translation: Inna Guseva