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Film Premieres August 2020

Film Premieres August 2020

August is coming. Let’s see what kind of movies are waiting for us this time. The list of genres will suit all tastes: a new comedy by Seth Rogan, a sequel of Korean zombie action film, a biography of one great inventor and two more films, which were waiting in the wings to shine through. Did we get your attention? Are you curious to know the details? Let’s find out!


August, 6

An American Pickle

Genres: comedy

Herschel Greenbaum is an immigrant from Eastern Europe, who came to America together with his family in early 20es in search of better life. Herschel got a job at a factory, where an accident happened to him — he fell into a vat with pickles and remained there for next 100 years. He wakes up in modern Brooklyn and manages to find his only relative — great grandson, who is working as a software engineer.


August, 7

Train to Busan 2: Peninsula

Genres: horror, action, thriller

It has been four years since the zombie virus outbreak in South Korea. The country is under siege because of zombie hordes roaming free. Jung Suk, a former military, has got an assignment — to find money that is hidden in a restricted area. He has to fend off not only walking dead but also humans, who decided to play a game on a survival.


Below the Fold

Genres: drama, thriller, mystery

Without a trace, Susie Potter vanished from her house in a quiet town of Skidmore. Ten years later two reporters discover a new clue, which leads them to the mazes of state Missouri.


The Empty Man

Genres: drama, horror, crime

Former cop investigates a case about a missing girl. In search for any traces he comes across a secret group of people, who are trying to summon a certain supernatural entity.


The Tax Collector

Genres: thriller, drama, crime

David Cuevas works for a crime lord in Los Angeles collecting debts from people. One day his old boss shows up, so life and career of David flip upside down at once.


Made in Italy

Genres: comedy

Robert is a famous artist from London. Together with his son Jack he arrives in Toscana to sell an old house he inherited after his wife’s death. Father and son are going to fix not only the house but also the relationship in their small family.



Max Reload & The Nether Blasters

Genres: adventure, sci-fi, comedy

Max Jenkins is working at video game store in a little town. One day he finds a legendary video game — “The Nether Game” that considered being lost. Excited by his discovery he decides to play the game without knowing it is cursed. Max unlocks the evil force, which is entering the real world now. Along with his friends and a mysterious masked man he should figure out how to stop the evil.

August, 14

The Silencing

Genres: crime, action, thriller

Leading a sheltered life in a forest a man with the dark past teams up with sheriff when bodies of two young girls killed in a very unusual way are found in the area. The main character begins to suspect that the killer they are after is the same maniac who kidnapped his daughter several years ago.



Genres: drama, romance, fantasy

Riley and Chris — high school graduates who are madly in love. One day Chris dies in a tragic car accident. Riley blames herself for what happened while Chris is stuck in our world being a ghost. By a miracle two lovers find out the way to connect with each other.


The Personal History of David Copperfield

Genres: comedy, drama

Great Britain, 1940es. David Copperfield is an orphan, who discovers new things about himself one day: a great talent for writing and telling stories. He goes a long way full of amusing and sad moments, love and humanity.



Genres: drama

The year 1917. 10 years old shepherd girl and her cousins tell they met Virgin Mary. Their story incurs the wrath of the Church but attracts thousands of pilgrims to visit them.


Sound of Metal

Genres: drama, musical

It is a story of a metal band drummer, who is going deaf one day.



Genres: action, thriller

A giant comet is flying towards Earth now; it could take out every life on the planet. There is only one safe place on Earth — a fortified bunker in Greenland. That is where John, his wife Alison and son Nathan seek to enter, rushing through public unrest and panic.


The One and Only Ivan

Genres: adventure, comedy, animation

A gorilla named Ivan, who was kidnapped when he was a child, tries to piece together his past. Teaming up with an elephant named Stella, they develop an escape plan in order to return home.

Project Power

Genres: sci-fi, thriller, action

On the streets of New Orleans rumours begin to spread about a mysterious and dangerous pill that unlocks superpowers. Local policemen, former soldier and a drug dealer teenage girl team up trying to find the group responsible for creating the pill, which could bring a gift or death to the people.

August, 21


Genres: biography, drama

It is a biography of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors of XX century. This film will tell you not only about scientific discoveries by Tesla but also about his communication with Thomas Edison and daughter of famous banker named Anne.



Genres: horror, thriller

Veronica Henley is a successful writer who lives her best life. At some point everything changes, when Veronica finds herself trapped in a cold reality. To escape the nightmare she needs to uncover a mind-bending mystery.



Genres: action, adventures, drama

A young Chinese girl named Mulan is the eldest daughter of the brave warrior Hua Zhou. She is strong and determined and doesn’t feel like traditional female pursuits are what she wants out of life. One day she pretends to be a man and joins the Chinese army fighting against the invaders from the North in order to save her father.

The movie premiere was postponed several times because the Covid-19 pandemic.

August, 28

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Genres: comedy, sci-fi, musical

Once they saved the world while time traveling, but now Bill and Ted are just two middle-aged rocker-would-be loosers trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their purpose.


The New Mutants

Genres: sci-fi, action, horror

Five young mutants, who just discovered their superpower abilities, are trapped inside a high-security area. They try to reveal the mysteries of this place and get out alive.



Genres: drama, thriller

Cold war period. Greville Wynne is a British businessman and, in combination, a spy. Together with his Russian source — a GRU colonel Oleg Penkovsky he tries to put an end to the Cuban Missile Crises.

Author: Kira Shmeleva
Translation: Inna Guseva